“Suits” actor Patrick J. Adams thinks that a wedding between his character Mike and Meghan Markle’s Rachel can still happen even after the faux lawyer’s imprisonment.

In a phone interview with Entertainment Tonight ahead of tonight’s installment (Season 6, Episode 9, “The Hand That Feeds You”),  Adams said that it’s still “totally possible” for Mike and Rachel to get married despite the long time they have been away from each another.

“One way or the other, when we get to that it’ll be the right time,” Adams told the news outlet. “Obviously there’s still conflict; Rachel’s parents probably still aren’t huge fans of Mike and it’s not an easy thing to disappoint your parents like that, but I imagine we will definitely deal with that.”

The 35-year-old actor added that a Mike-Rachel wedding is still in the cards, because he doesn’t think that “there is any love lost between these two people, except for time.” Although the characters have not seen each other since they called off their wedding in the Season 5 finale, Adams previously said that the pair’s relationship has never been stronger.

“They were dealing with a heavy situation in that Mike was going away,” Adams told reporters (via USANetwork.com) during a press conference last July. “But in some ways, in my opinion, their relationship — even though it was so strange and they decided not to get married at the last moment — it’s never been stronger.”

“I think there’s a lot of love there; there’s a lot of trust,” the “Legends of Tomorrow” actor added. “There’s a lot of faith that when this thing was done, they would find their way back to each other.”

Adams further explained that their relationship is stronger than ever because “while they’re not together so much, the need and the desire to get back to each other is [sic] so strong over the course of the season — [and] that it’s a real driving point for Mike.”

Even though it was Mike who called off his and Rachel’s wedding last season, Adams told Starpulse.com last March that what his character had done was “even more profound declaration of love and compassion for her than getting married.”

“To me, I think it’s the kindness of him to say, ‘You know where I'm going to be, and in two years I’m going to be out. I’m always going to love you. I hope that in that time you’ll have me back. In the meantime, you need to live your life. You need to excel, you need to finish school, you need to do whatever you need to do,’” the Canadian thespian said. “Even though it’s frustrating — I know people want to see them say their I do’s — I think that ended up being much more interesting in a complex way.”

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