Doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, or AIIMS, who conducted an autopsy on Sunanda Pushkar’s body, said that she died an unnatural sudden death and that no trace of poison has been found, according to reports.

Dr. Sudhir Gupta, forensic head at the New Dehli-based AIIMS reportedly said: “The samples of toxicological analysis have ruled out any poison.” He also added that there are some injury marks on Pushkar’s body, “the nature of these injuries cannot be revealed.”

Dr. Gupta said that the autopsy had been completed, and a report will be finalized in a couple of days. He also added that the autopsy had been videotaped to ensure transparency in the procedure.

A three-member team of senior doctors at AIIMS did the autopsy on Pushkar’s body. The police continue to investigate various leads in the case.

The body of Pushkar was released from AIIMS after the completion of the autopsy and her final rites will take place on Saturday evening. An official from the office of Minister Shashi Tharoor (the husband of Pushkar), told CNN-IBN that the body will be first taken to Tharoor’s residence, then to Lodhi Road Crematorium, where last rites will be performed.

Pushkar’s body was found in her room at the Leela Palace Hotel in south Delhi on Friday. Her death came shortly after a highly publicized Twitter scandal involving Tharoor and a Pakistani journalist named Mehr Tahrar. The Twitter scandal hinted at an alleged extramarital affair between the two.

Pushkar had posted a series of comments on a social-networking website on Wednesday, blaming Tahrar for "stalking" her husband, who she married in 2010. 

The minister's private secretary, Abhinav Kumar, told reporters that Tharoor and Pushkar had been staying at the luxury hotel since Thursday as painting work was being done at their home and Pushkar was allergic to the smell of paint and dust.

According to reports, Tharoor will be officially questioned by a magistrate after the funeral of his wife. Tharoor was the first to find the body of Pushkar. He suffered a minor cardiac arrest after the tragic event and was admitted to AIIMS. He was discharged from the hospital on Saturday morning.