Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash has reportedly been offered to the Minnesota Timberwolves for their number two draft pick according to sources with ESPN.

Nash's $11.7 million contract expires at the end of this year and the star point guard recently made some remarks suggesting that he may be looking for another destination next year.

According to the Times Colonist Nash said:

Given I feel a loyalty to the team [Suns] and community of Phoenix. That's all I'm thinking about at the moment. I don't plan on leaving. I have plans of getting them [Suns] back into the playoffs and again contending for a championship. But Toronto would be amazing...and to be at home in Canada. To [hypothetically] be part of their [Raptors] future success would be great.

If the 37-year-old Nash were to leave the Suns after his contract expires, the Suns would be keen on trading him and getting younger talent in exchange.

The ESPN report cites the source as saying the Suns are most enamored in Arizona forward Derrick Williams at number 2, who the Suns were able to see up close and personal all year long. 

However, the source also states that the talks haven't gone past the exploratory stage and that the teams came to the conclusion that the deal wouldn't work because Nash would be unwilling to sign an contract extension with the Timberwolves, and would instead want to go to a title contender.

In addition, Suns officials have publically denied wanting to trade Nash, who was also rumored in a deal with the New York Knicks for Chauncey Billups.   

Instead, the Suns have reportedly offered promising center Marcin Gortat and their Number 13 pick for the Timberwolves Number 2 pick. Gortat had been playing with the Orlando Magic behind the NBA's best center in Dwight Howard, before being traded to the Suns last year.

Gortat showed promise in the 55 games he played for the Suns averaging 13 points and 9.3 rebounds per games in only 30 minutes of play. 

If the Timberwolves believe that Gortat can complement Kevin Love well, then they may go for the deal since the Suns' number 13 pick may still get them another quality player like BYU guard Jimmer Fredette.