Super Bowl bonuses are one of the perks of being NFL champions, but how much exactly do Eli Manning and the New York Giants get for winning the 2012 Super Bowl?

Different teams get different post-season bonuses from the NFL, and the Giants are near the top of that spectrum. Each player earned $172,000 total from the NFL in post-season bonuses, but the New England Patriots could have only secured $150,000 in NFL bonuses each if they had won, according to CNBC.

Of that $172,000, an $88,000 bonus was earned for simply being on the team that won the Super Bowl, while if the Giants had lost the Super Bowl, they would have still each earned $44,000

But that's not all Giants quarterback and 2012 Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning gets. In addition to any other money included in his own contract, he was also awarded a brand-new, black, Centennial Edition 2012 Chevrolet Corvette on the field at the end of the game.

In 2009, Eli Manning signed a seven-year $106.9 million contract that includes $35 million in guaranteed money, plus a whole range of bonuses, according to the fantasy football site He will be a free agent again in 2016.

The deal contains $35 million guaranteed, including a $13 million signing bonus, a second-year option bonus of $12.5 million, and all but $1 million of Manning's 2009-2011 base salaries. Another $500,000 is available in 2010-2015 via annual workout bonuses. 2011: $8.5 million, 2012: $10.75 million, 2013: $13 million, 2014: $15.15 million, 2015: $17 million, 2016: Free Agent

New York Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes told CNBC that bonuses are not his biggest concern in the post-season and Super Bowl:

"You know the number, but listen: At the end of the day, we'd all play in the playoffs for free," Tynes said. "It's certainly not something I've thought much about until you brought it up. And with direct deposit, you don't get to see it."

Post-season bonuses have been around since 1933, when each player on the Chicago Bears earned $210.34 for beating the New York Giants in the first NFL championship game. Each Giant earned $140.22 that year.