The Super Bowl is always the biggest sporting event of the year.

The game itself, the halftime show and the commercials are all a part of what makes the event so popular. However, there is one more reason why Super Bowl XLVII will be the most watched television program of 2013.  

Gambling is a driving force behind the popularity of the NFL, and plays an even bigger role in the Super Bowl. Between Las Vegas casinos and sportsbooks on the internet, there are countless ways to wager on the game that will determine the NFL champion.

The San Francisco 49ers are favorites against the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl 47. The consensus betting line has the 49ers giving the Ravens 3.5 points.

Other than the point spread and total points scored in the contest, there are numerous aspects of the game on which fans can place bets. Prop bets allow gamblers to wager on individual performances, as well as events that happen during the game.

Below are 10 prop bets for Super Bowl XLVII, including predicted winners. All of the odds come from the online betting Web site Bovada.


Colin Kaepernick 7/4

Joe Flacco 11/4

Frank Gore 7/1

Ray Lewis 7/1

Ray Rice 10/1

Michael Crabtree 14/1

Anquan Boldin 16/1

Vernon Davis 18/1

Torrey Smith 20/1

Ed Reed 33/1

Prediction: Kaepernick

Player to score first touchdown

Frank Gore 13/2

Michael Crabtree 15/2

Ray Rice 15/2

Anquan Boldin 8/1

Colin Kaepernick 8/1

Vernon Davis 9/1

Torrey Smith 10/1

Dennis Pitta 12/1

Randy Moss 12/1

Delanie Walker 18/1

Prediction: Gore

Joe Flacco total passing yards

Over 250.5 (-105)

Under 250.5 (-125)

Prediction: Over

Colin Kaepernick total rushing yards

Over 50.5 (-115)

Under 50.5 (-115)

Prediction: Over

Team to score first

Baltimore Ravens (Even)

San Francisco 49ers (-130)

Prediction: San Francisco

First score of the game

Touchdown (-150)

Field Goal or Safety (+120)

Prediction: Field Goal or Safety

Will the game go to overtime?

Yes (+600)

No (-1000)

Prediction: No

Longest touchdown

Over 46.5 Yards (-105)

Under 46.5 Yards (-125)

Prediction: Under

Length of the first touchdown

No Touchdown 75/1

0 Yard Touchdown 66/1

1-7 Yard Touchdown 5/4

8-15 Yard Touchdown 4/1

16-25 Yard Touchdown 9/2

26-39 Yard Touchdown 5/1

40-59 Yard Touchdown 7/1

60-79 Yard Touchdown 18/1

80-95 Yard Touchdown 20/1

96 or More Yard Touchdown 20/1

Prediction: 8-15 Yards

Will there be a special teams touchdown?

Yes (+155)

No (-190)

Prediction: No