In the days following the NFC and AFC title games, the biggest topic surrounding the Super Bowl has been the potential weather conditions. The week before the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks were set to arrive for the game, the New York/New Jersey area saw several inches of snow, including blizzard-like conditions.

If a similar snowstorm takes place on Super Bowl Sunday, the game will be greatly affected, and could even be moved from its original start time. While such snowy conditions aren’t expected to be repeated, the weather is already changing how the teams are getting ready for the biggest contest of the NFL season.

On Monday, the Seahawks decided to practice inside because of frigid temperatures. The outdoor practice fields were frozen and covered in snow from the poor weather conditions. The Seahawks used the New York Giants' indoor facility at the Meadowlands complex, leaving them unable to be in the elements and try to acclimate themselves to possibly very low temperatures.

"We did not go outside today. We had a great workout today," Seattle head coach Pete Carroll told reporters.

The weather, however, didn’t seem to affect the Broncos much. Despite the field conditions, Denver opted to practice outdoors. Denver head coach John Fox wasn't very concerned about his team playing in the cold.

“We’ll look at the fields and test the fields, and we brought our grounds crew people,” Fox said before his team practiced, via Dan Garziano of “I understand the indoor facility is very much like ours, except their field house is completed, which is a big difference. So we may or may not go in there. I’d prefer grass. It saves out players’ legs. But if need be, we’ll go indoors or on their synthetic surface.”

The Broncos are preparing in Florham Park where the Jets usually practice. Fox seems to be more worried about the field than he is about the snow. According to Fox, the Broncos should be able to win no matter where they practice.

"I think, in order to be a championship football team, we've got to be weatherproof," he said.

Five days before the 2014 Super Bowl, the weather report is about as good as the NFL could have hoped for. According to, clear skies are expected on the day of the big game. There’s a chance of flurries before kickoff, but the temperatures should be in the 30s with no snow or rain during the contest.