For the first time in the 47-year history of the Super Bowl, the game is set to be played outdoors in a cold-weather city. With four days remaining until the contest kicks off, it appears that Mother Nature is cooperating.

The latest weather report for East Rutherford, New Jersey is probably one that the powers that be in the NFL would accept. According to AccuWeather, Sunday will feature a high of 40 degrees with a low of 22 degrees. During the game, which is set to begin at 6:30 p.m., fans at MetLife Stadium are likely to experiences temperatures in the low 30’s. While the temperature may dip below freezing for a portion of the contest, it is expected be much warmer than the weather that hit the New York/New Jersey area earlier in the week.

The biggest concern may be in regards to possible precipitation. In the days leading up to Super Bowl week, the area as was hit with snow on a few different occasions. On Monday, the Seattle Seahawks were unable to practice outside because the conditions led to a frozen field at the Meadowlands complex.

There’s a good chance the players won’t have to worry about competing in the snow or rain. AccuWeather puts the likelihood of precipitation at 20 percent., however, gives a zero chance of precipitation.

Perhaps the best piece of news for the NFL is that there is no snowstorm forecast for Saturday night or Sunday morning. Such an instance could make it extremely hard for fans to make it to the game, and might force the league to even change the start time. AccuWeather predicts no storm on Saturday, and just a chance of rain.

The weather forecast has improved from what was being reported 10 days before. There had been concerns that there would be a decent amount of snow before or during the game.

It’s unknown if another Super Bowl will be held outdoors in a cold-weather city. The Super Bowl locations have been set until 2017, and none of the stadiums are in the midwest or northeast regions of the U.S.