In 46 previous Super Bowls, huge records have been set by some of the greatest athletes in NFL history. Though some were also created by the unlikeliest of players.

The Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers each hope to win Super Bowl XLVII, but making some history along the way would only sweeten the momentous occasion.

Most of Sunday’s competitors are in their first Super Bowl, so we’ve broken down into one place the single-game records for passing, rushing, receiving, defense, and special teams.

San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick and Baltimore’s Joe Flacco will have to surpass some of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history as both make their Super Bowl debuts. Though both have proven capable of exceeding expectations throughout these playoffs.

Oddly enough, the four games that came up most often were 49ers' victories. San Francisco’s offensive performances against the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXIV, the Cincinnati Bengals in XXIII and XVI, and the San Diego Chargers in XXIX have stood the test of time.

Kaepernick and his crew have a lot of work to do to surpass their historic counterparts. While the Ravens hope to snap the 49ers undefeated record in the title game.


Yards: 414, Kurt Warner, St. Louis Rams vs. Tennessee XXXIV

TDs: 6, Steve Young, San Francisco vs. San Diego, XXIX

Completions: 32, Tom Brady, New England Patriots vs. Carolina XXXVIII

Attempts: 58, Jim Kelly, Buffalo Bills vs. Washington XXVI

Interceptions: 5, Rich Gannon, Oakland Raiders vs. Tampa Bay, XXXVII



Yards: 204, Timmy Smith, Washington vs. Denver XXII

TDs: 3, Terrell Davis, Denver vs. Green Bay XXXII

Attempts: 38, John Riggins, Washington vs. Miami XVII

Longest Run: 74 yards, Willie Parker, Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Seattle XL



Yards: 215, Jerry Rice, San Francisco vs. Cincinnati XXIII

TDs: 3, Jerry Rice, San Francisco vs. Denver XXIV; Rice, San Francisco vs. San Diego XXIX

Receptions: 11, Dan Ross, Cincinnati Bengals vs. San Francisco XVI; Jerry Rice, San Francisco vs. Cincinnati XXIII; Deion Branch, New England vs. Philadelphia XXXIX; Wes Welker, New England vs. N.Y. Giants, XLII



Fewest Points Allowed: 3, Miami vs. Dallas, VI

Most Points Allowed: 55, San Francisco vs. Denver XXIV 

Interceptions: 3, Rod Martin, Oakland vs. Philadelphia XV

Sacks: 3, Reggie White, Green Bay vs. New England XXXI; Darnell Dockett, Arizona vs. Pittsburgh XLIII


Special Teams

Kick Return Total Yards: 244, Andre Coleman, San Diego vs. San Francisco XXIX

Longest Kick Return: 99, Desmond Howard, Green Bay vs. New England XXXI

Punt Return Total Yards: 90, Desmond Howard, Green Bay vs. New England XXXI

Longest Punt Return: 56, John Taylor, San Francisco vs. Cincinnati XXIII

Kick Return TDs: 1, Fulton Walker, Miami XVII; Stanford Jennings, Cincinnati XXIII; Andre Coleman, San Diego XXIX; Desmond Howard, Green Bay XXXI; Tim Dwight, Atlanta XXXIII; Ron Dixon, N.Y. Giants XXXV; Jermaine Lewis Baltimore XXXV; Devin Hester Chicago XLI

Punt Return TDs: N/A

Longest Field Goal: 54 yards, Steve Christie, Buffalo vs. Dallas XXVIII

Field Goals Attempted: 5, Jim Turner, N.Y. Jets vs Baltimore III; Efren Herrera, Dallas vs. Denver XII

Field Goals Made: 4, Don Chandler, Green Bay vs. Oakland II; Ray Wersching, San Francisco vs. Cincinnati XVI

Not every record was included here, but if you’d like to bone up on your Super Bowl history, go to here for every all-time mark.