The move of “Supergirl’s” production from Los Angeles to Vancouver will make the show look bigger.

In a interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said that the change of the shooting location will alter the show’s aesthetics for the better.

“It would’ve started to feel very small if we continued in L.A.,” Kreisberg said. “That was one of the reasons that we made the decision to move it to Vancouver, so that we could get scope, so we could go out in the streets. It might be a little rainy once in awhile, we might be seeing her [Supergirl’s] breath every once awhile, but it’s going to be worth it because the show is actually going to feel bigger.”

Kreisberg added that shooting the show in Los Angeles “was very difficult in terms of the financials.” “We couldn’t afford to do all the visual effects and go on location, so there were a lot of episodes towards the end of last season where we never left the lot, so we weren’t even getting the benefit of being in Los Angeles,” the exec producer revealed. “I would rather be overcast and thus have the ability to go out into some streets, and make this show feel huge and cinematic.”

In addition, the move of “Supergirl’s” production to Vancouver will apparently make crossover events between all of the CW’s DC TV shows easier in terms of logistics, since “Arrow,” “The Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow” also shoot in the Canadian city.

“Supergirl’s” change of filming location, however, prevented Calista Flockhart from returning to the show as a series regular. After the production of the show moved from Los Angeles to Vancouver, the actress, and Warner Bros. TV reached an agreement that she will reprise her role as Cat Grant for the upcoming season only as a recurring guest star.

“We’re trying to get her for at least six episodes this year, and she’s in the first two episodes,” executive producer Greg Berlanti told IndieWire earlier this month. “We’re just trying to see when she can come back now.”

“Supergirl” Season 2 premieres on Monday, Oct. 10, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Check out the synopsis for episode 1, titled “The Adventures of Supergirl,” below:

“When a new threat emerges in National City, Kara / Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) teams up with her cousin, Clark Kent / Superman (Tyler Hoechlin), to stop it. Kara is thrilled to have family in town but it leaves Alex (Chyler Leigh) feeling a bit left out. Meanwhile, Hank (David Harewood) and Supergirl are stunned by the pod that came crashing to Earth.”