Tonight is the night, dear “Supernatural” fans, when the beloved CW drama airs its highly anticipated spinoff series, “Bloodlines.” Excited? We are! That’s why we decided to dissect the sneak peak of the series premiere that “Supernatural” so graciously leaked.

In the minute-long clip, fans of the mystical thriller will get a firsthand taste of the drama that will be going down when “Bloodlines” appears as a backdoor pilot in “Supernatural.” Oh yeah, the new series will premiere in episode 20 of the Eric Kripke action show, which only means one thing: Sam and Dean Winchester will be coming face-to-face with the creatures haunting Chicago.

See, the storyline of “Bloodlines” is set in the windy city. According to the synopsis of the pilot, when Sam and Dean bump into Ennis Ross, the spinoff's protagonist, they'll discover that the city’s underground is being ruled by five different tribes of supernatural creatures. Ennis is on the hunt for vengeance after he lost his fiancée in the crossfire of a monster fight, and according to his character profile, he’s really angry.

“So, you’re telling me that there are five monster families that run Chicago? What is this? ‘God Father’ with fangs?” Dean quipped.

“Well, if it is I’m going to need all the help I can get,” Ennis replies.

“Well, he doesn’t quit. I’ll give him that,” Dean said to his brother.

Meanwhile, David Lassiter, a supernatural creature from Chicago, is attempting to make a phone call.

“Violet’s not picking up,” he informs the boys. Violet Duval is a member of another ruling family in Chicago.

“Wait, so this girl, she’s a shifter, too?” Sam asks.

“Werewolf,” David replies.

“Awesome,” Ennis and Dean say in synchrony.

For a little more background, David, who has attempted to live his life as a human until tragedy brought him back to his shape shifter ways, is the lover of Violet. However, their love is forbidden, which makes their romance all the more interesting.

Supernatural Bloodlines spin off premiere What will happen in the "Supernatural" spinoff of "Bloodlines"? Photo: Bloodlines

Ennis notes that if Violet has her cell on her, that they can trace her signal. Sam agrees and asks David for her number.

“Take me with you and it’s all yours,” David replies to which Ennis screams, “No. Oh hell no. He’s a fricken transformer.”

“Sometimes you gotta work with the bad guys to get to the worse guys,” Dean advises.

“Dude, I’m right here,” David responds.

Supernatural drama with a pinch of comedy? You bet we’ll be watching when “Bloodlines” premieres Tuesday, April 24, at 9 p.m. EDT. Chime in with your thoughts of the new CW series and let us know what you think of the spinoff.