“Supernatural” is returning to the CW on March 25 with a brand-new episode. However, despite the short wait, fans can’t help but squirm in their seats as they anticipate the debut of episode 17, “Mother’s Little Helper.” So, in hopes of calming nerves -- and saving nail beds -- we’ve decided to compile a list of episode titles that will tease viewers with information about the second half of the “Supernatural” season.

The carefully constructed titles of episodes 19-22 have been revealed to fans. So, chime in and let us know what they mean:

Season 9, episode 19 – “Alex Annie Alexis Anne” will air April 22.

Season 9, episode 20 – “Bloodlines” will air April 19.

Season 9, episode 21 – “King of the Damned” will air May 6.

Season 9, episode 22 – “Stairway to Heaven” will air May 13.

We know episode 20 will act as the backdoor pilot for the spinoff series of “Supernatural,” titled “Bloodlines.” The paranormal series, previously known as “Tribes,” was created by Andrew Dabb and has a talented cast including Lucien Laviscount, Nathaniel Buzolic, Danielle Savre, Melissa Roxburgh, Sean Faris, Stephen Martines and Brynce Johnson.

The spinoff will be introduced during “Supernatural” to set up the story’s plot line. According to reports, “Bloodlines” lead character Ennis Roth will meet Sam and Dean during a crucial point in Ennis’ life. As the Winchester brother’s attempt to take down a paranormal force in Chicago, the two will run into Ennis and essentially pass their monster-hunting baton down to the “wannabe-police officer” as he tracks down the supernatural force responsible for killing his fiancé.

“It comes as no surprise that Sam [Jared Padalecki] is far more sympathetic to the wannabe cop than his brother [Dean, played by Jensen Ackles] when they run into Ennis working a case in Chicago,” spoilers revealed.

TV Guide dishes that fans will notice a few similarities between the long-running series and its sister show. Does that mean we should prepare ourselves for more hot paranormal hunters? Yes, yes and yes! Not only will good-looking, justice-seeking characters be hunting down supernatural creatures but even the mystical entities will have our knees buckling. From sexy shape shifters to adorable lycanthropes, fans will get their fill of supernatural hotties.

What do you think will happen in the remaining episodes prior to the Season 9 finale? Let us know your predictions in the comments section below, and don’t forget to tune in to episode 16 of “Supernatural” on March 25.