“Supernatural” might not be returning for its 10th season until October 7 but that hasn’t stopped the hit CW series from teasing fans with jaw-dropping spoilers for the upcoming premiere. In addition to revealing the episode 1 synopsis, along with Sam’s reaction to Demon Dean, the showrunner’s have decided to come clean about a softer plot that’s been woven into the alleged dark storyline of the new season. Get ready to be jealous, Dean fans.

TV Line hinted that although Dean had transformed into a demon by the end of the Season 9 finale, that doesn’t mean the bulging-black eyed babe lacks a heart! That’s right, Sam’s older brother will catch the love bug when a “tough but sympathetic roadhouse cocktail waitress named Ann Marie” gets throw into the script. According to reports, Dean’s relationship with Ann Marie will become an intense affair when she’s introduced in the second episode.

Ann Marie is the second character that’s been added to Season 10. Previously it was announced that Rowena, a new and recurring role, would be introduced when the Eric Krike drama returns in the fall. Rowena is reportedly a “tough but elegant woman who will stop at nothing to reclaim her power based,” TV Line hinted. The actress who ends up landing this role will be desired to have or can perfect a Scottish brogue.

A season full a tough women? Now that’s our kind of show! We just wonder how Ann Marie and Rowena’s characters will develop as Season 10 progresses.

What do you think of the new additions? Do you think Ann Marie could be Dean’s salvation from becoming a full-fledged demonic entity? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories of how these new characters will affect the Season 10 plot of “Supernatural” when the show returns in the fall.