Looks like Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) aren’t the only hunters in town. When the Winchester brothers reunite with Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) in episode 12 of “Supernatural,” they’ll learn that Claire (Kathryn Newton) has decided to follow in their ghost-hunting footsteps … well, kind of.

According to the synopsis of the upcoming Season 11 episode, titled “Don’t You Forget About Me,” Jimmy’s (Misha Collins) daughter, who is currently in Jody's custody, will find herself in a heap of trouble after getting into several brawls. Apparently the blond-haired character has been caught “attacking normal people and accusing them of being monsters.” (Sounds like Claire’s has been reading too many stories on the Salem Witch Trials if you ask us.)

After failing to decipher paranormal creatures from regular ol’ humans, Claire will call upon the brothers grim to help her with her investigation. According to the young hunter, she believes monsters are the ones responsible for the recent murders in her town and she wants the supernatural creatures to be stopped — at any cost.

But just because Claire dresses like a hunter (we see you rocking that flannel, girl!) and speaks like one too doesn’t mean she’s ready to take on the strenuous job of hunting down ghosts and goblins.

“The hunter life consumes you,” Sam says in a promo video of the forthcoming installment, attempting to explain to Claire the difficulties of his line of work. “There’s no nine to five. You’ll start seeing monsters at every Quick Mart in town.”

But unlike Sam, Dean will find something quite charming about Claire’s desire to pick up their trade.

Can Claire fill the big, supernatural-hunting boots of the Winchester brothers? Sound off in the comments section below if you think she has what it takes to become a hunter. Catch “Supernatural” on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. EST on the CW.