Nobody puts Baby in the corner — or should we stay keeps Baby in storage?

Jensen Ackles, who stars as Dean Winchester on the hit CW series “Supernatural,” recently shared a behind-the-scenes picture from Season 12 set. And although the image didn’t unveil what chaos the paranormal-fighting brothers will face when the show returns in the fall, it did tease who will be aiding Dean and Sam (Jared Padalecki) on their next hunt.

“Baby’s back to work for Season 12,” Ackles captioned the photo of Dean’s beloved car. The set photo showed Dean’s trademark, black 1967 Chevrolet Impala parked with its doors wide open in a parking lot.


Baby's back to work for season 12.

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The last time fans saw Baby was in the Season 11 finale of “Supernatural.” In the episode, Dean and Sam were convinced the world was coming to an end due to Chuck/God’s (Rob Benedict) illness. The death of the deity would mean the collapse of the sun and the universe. But Earth was saved when Amara (Emily Swallow), God’s evil-turned-not so evil sister, saw the light. Amara realized that despite her deadly disputes with her brother, at the end of the day, they are family. Their reconciliation spared the destruction of Earth, mankind and prevented Dean from having to sacrifice himself.

Although Dean managed to survive the Season 11 finale, the fate of Sam still hung in the air after Dean’s younger brother came face-to-face with a barrel of a gun. Toni Bevell (Elizabeth Blackmore), a member of the London Branch of the Men of Letters, tracked the hunter down in episode 23 to prevent him from “doing more harm than good.” Sam, who thought his brother had perished in a self-sacrificing act to save the world, recklessly taunted Toni, egging her on that she wasn’t going to pull the trigger.

The final scene of the finale ends with bang — literally — and the fate of Sam unknown. But it appears Dean and Baby will team up in Season 12 to find Sam and come to his rescue.

“Supernatural” will return with Season 12 on Thursday, Oct. 13.