“Supernatural” is about to get super freaky—and tech savvy—in episode 15 on Tuesday, Mar. 4, “#Thinman.” According to The CW series’ promo, fans can expect a new killer to be on the loose as the ghostly figure starts killing people all over the world.

“What the hell is a Thinman?” Dean asked in the promo for the hashtag-inspired episode. And lucky for the hot monster-hunter, we’ve got the answer for him. It seems to us that the Thinman is based off the fictional creature known as Slenderman. Originally, the supernatural entity was created in 2009 to be used as an Internet meme. But after it was released to the public, the creepy image started to go viral—becoming the basis of almost every child’s worst nightmare.

Slenderman is depicted as an unnaturally tall man with a long, tactical-like arms and a blank, featureless face. The fictional character, who sports a black suit, is said to lurk in the wood where he stalks, abducts and traumatizes people—particularly children.

“How could people all over the world see the same ghost?” Sam asked in the trailer for episode 15. Well, that’s probably because the terrifying killer also has the ability of teleportation, according to descriptions of Slenderman.

What isn’t known about the mythical creature is how he chooses his victims. Reports say that Slenderman will chose his sufferers based on nothing specific, but once he does he will stalks the victim for a years at a time. Those targeted will start exhibiting “Slender sickness,” which is the result of being stalked. Victims will show signs of “massive paranoia, nose bleeds, nightmares, hallucinations, and other dangerous symptoms.” Eventually, the targets are lured out into the forest where they are eventually killed.

With that said, can we expected a showdown to occur between the Winchester boys and the face-less man in the woods? Guess we’ll find out when “Supernatural” airs at 9 p.m. EST on Tuesday, Mar. 4. What are your thoughts of “Supernatural” using a Slenderman-type killer in Season 9? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.