After a tumultuous episode 6 of “Survivor: San Juan Del Sur – Blood vs. Water” Dale was voted out of a less than harmonious Coyopa tribe. However, the state of the tribe would not matter soon with an impending merge. With the two tribes coming together, sparks were sure to fly in episode 7.

Here’s how everything went down on episode 7 of “Survivor” Season 29.


Back at Coyopa, Missy was doing damage control after putting Keith’s name down in case Dale had an immunity idol, but he wasn’t pleased. The bad feelings soon turned to celebration though as both tribes received notes informing them of the merge.


Hunahpu and Coyopa arrived at a feast together where they were informed that they were now one tribe that lived at the Coyopa campsite, naming themselves Huyopa.

Alliances Adjust

However, as soon as the tribe arrived at its new home people started jockeying for position with Josh and Reed (with Alec, Wes, and Keith) battling Jeremy (and his alliance of Julie, Missy, Baylor, John, Jaclyn, and Natalie) for numbers in the new tribe. Josh and Reed were hoping to get the couples to stick together to gain an advantage on Jeremy, appealing to Baylor to get her and her mom to join them. However, Baylor had a hard time splitting from her mom and her alliance. With Baylor in doubt, Josh approached Jon and Jaclyn, once again putting the couple in a swing position.

Trail Mix Trouble

Some controversy was caused when some trail mix kept from the merge feast went missing. Julie had taken it and hidden it in her bag and when the tribe searched everyone’s bags she was caught red handed, putting her on the outs in the new united tribe.


Setting all the drama aside, the tribe arrived at their first individual immunity challenge. The challenge was an endurance test requiring the castaways to balance a ball on a platform balanced on ropes everyone was holding. One-by-one the castaways dropped out until only the father and son pair of Keith and Wes were left. Father bested son in the end as Keith won the first individual immunity challenge, guaranteeing himself another week in the game.

Tribal Council?

With the tribe facing their first combined tribal council, Jeremy identified Josh as the power player and the opposing alliance targeted him as the next to go. Jon and Jaclyn, though, decided to go along with Josh’s couples plan and vote Jeremy out instead. However, before the tribe had the chance to vote someone else, Julie asked to see Jeff. She was contemplating quitting over missing her boyfriend John and struggling emotionally in the game. After talking to Jeff, Julie decided to leave the game becoming the seventh person to exit Season 29. Jeff showed up at camp to inform the tribe and let them know that as a result there would be no tribal council in the episode.

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