A tumultuous episode 3 of “Survivor” Season 29 saw John Rocker (this season’s most famous castaway) become the third person voted out of “San Juan Del Sur: Blood vs. Water.” However, John’s tribe still had to deal with the fact that they had yet to win an immunity challenge going into episode 4.

Here’s how everything went down in “Survivor” episode 4:


After voting out John, Dale was worried at the Coyopa camp that he was now the odd man out.

Meanwhile at Hunahpu, Natalie found their missing flint. Drew hatched a plan to barter with Jeff to get the fishing gear back that they gave up for more flint in episode 2.


The teams arrived at the reward challenge and the first order of business was Jeff turning down Drew’s offer for a trade. The actual challenge involved each team sending one member to face off shooting bags from a catapult into baskets. Boyfriend/girlfriend pair Jon and Jaclyn faced off against each other. After falling behind early, Jaclyn caught up to bring the challenge down to the last basket, but in the end Jon won the challenge (and blankets and a tarp) for Hunahpu. Jon chose Drew to go with Jaclyn to Exile Island.

Exile Island

On Exile Island, Drew got the clue to the immunity idol and shared the secret with Jaclyn. Drew then confessed to Jaclyn that he planned to try and throw the next immunity challenge to have the opportunity to vote some of the “snakes” out of his tribe.

Trouble Brewing

Keith went looking for the immunity idol by the well with his clue from Exile Island, but after finding nothing he deduced that Jeremy (who also spent time on Exile Island) must have found it. Keith told some of the tribe his theory, which did not sit well with Jeremy (who did not find an idol). Jeremy thought Keith had betrayed their firefighter bond. Things got even more interesting when Keith later returned to the well and found the idol after all.

Meanwhile, Alec and Baylor were having trouble getting along back at Coyopa. The brother/sister-like relationship added some tension to the tribe.


Drew and Jaclyn returned for the immunity challenge with Drew still considering throwing the challenge. The challenge involved swimming out to collect rings before throwing them onto a hook. Coyopa finally won an immunity challenge, sending Hunahpu to Tribal Council for the first time. However, Coyopa may have had some help. Drew was suspiciously terrible at throwing the rings onto the hook and later admitted to throwing the challenge for his tribe. During the challenge Jeff said Drew seemed to be “single handedly losing the challenge for Hunahpu.”

Tribal Council

Back at Hunahpu, Jon started to hatch a plan to vote out Julie, hoping to eliminate players without their loved ones before the merge. However, Drew was intent on voting out Kelley (whom he saw as the mastermind of a girl alliance) to the frustration of the tribe. While there didn’t seem to be a strong all-girl alliance before, after Drew’s antics Natalie decided to pull the girls together to vote him out instead. Jeremy, on the other hand wanted to vote out Keith after his immunity idol lie. 

With a lot still up in the air the time for Tribal Council arrived where Keith and Jeremy went at it over the idol controversy and the tribes seemed utterly confused over who to vote out. In a chaotic vote with four tribe members getting votes, it was Drew who was sent home in a blind side move. He probably is regretting throwing the immunity challenge.

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