Episode 5 of “Survivor” was a wild one. After a tribal shake up that saw most of the castaways switching buffs to joins the opposite tribe, Coyopa voted off Kelley after her dad caused some personal problems with Missy and Baylor. Would Coyopa be able to come together before the next immunity challenge?

Here’s how everything went down in episode 6 of "Survivor" Season 29:


Back at camp, Dale was hurting after watching his daughter go home. However, he was not about to go home next without a fight, showing Jon a fake immunity idol in a bold bluff to stay in the game.

Meanwhile, at Hunahpu, Jeff showed up to work out a deal with the tribe to give them more rice (after winning the last immunity challenge they asked for a trade). Jeff offered to give them the rice, but in exchange he took -- well, almost everything. Hunahpu had to trade their tarp, bedroll, a pot, their pillows, and the rest of the comfort items they had won via the reward challenges. The tribe reluctantly agreed, effectively starting from scratch.


Needless to say, Hunahpu was hoping to replenish some of their supplies with the reward challenge. With a barbeque meal at stake, the tribes had to choose one person each to navigate a maze to get puzzle pieces and then solve the puzzle. Hunahpu chose Reed, while Coyopa put up Baylor. Reed was able to take a commanding lead with the puzzle portion of the challenge and win a reward for the hungry Hunahpu. Having lost, Baylor was headed to Exile Island and, in a surprise twist, Natalie volunteered to join her for Hunahpu (despite the fact that Reed planned to send Julie).

Weathering The Storm

After the challenge, Coyopa was planning what they would do if they lost immunity. Jon raised the idea of voting out Keith, still believing Dale had an immunity idol.

Meanwhile, Hunahpu’s barbeque celebration was short-lived. A torrential rainstorm came in the night and seemed to punish Hunahpu for having to sell their tarp back to Jeff. With everyone soaking wet, Julie started to doubt whether she could keep going in the game. Jeremy worried about losing another member of his alliance and attempted to keep her spirits up, but others were frustrated with her attitude suggesting that this was what they signed up for in the game.

Exile Island

On Exile Island, Baylor got the clue for the hidden immunity idol and shared it with Natalie. The two planned to find their tribes respective idols.


Baylor and Natalie returned in time for the immunity challenge. The challenge required the tribes to use a large wooden cube to climb and collect scrolls. The scrolls would then be unraveled to solve a flag puzzle. With Julie sitting out, Hunahpu fell behind early, but Reed and Josh’s phenomenal teamwork on the puzzle helped them catch up and win the challenge for Hunahpu.

Tribal Council

With Tribal Council looming for Coyopa, Dale (still working his fake idol) pitched that John vote out Missy. Dale promised that if John went along with the plan then Dale would give him his (fake) idol. However, Missy insisted on still going ahead with voting for Dale, while having two people vote Keith just in case Dale played an idol. With John and Jaclyn in the driver’s seat again, basing their move on an imminent merge, the tribe went off to Tribal Council. When the votes were cast, Dale’s gamble did not pay off and he became the sixth person voted out of "Survivor" Season 29.

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