"Survivor" viewers were back in Nicaragua Wednesday for episode 2 of “San Juan Del Sur – Blood vs. Water.” After Nadiya became the first person voted off the island in the premiere, it was time to see which early alliances stayed together and which fell apart as the tribes got better acquainted with each other and their tropical surroundings.


The episode began with the Coyopa tribe returning from tribal council. Josh explained why he put Baylor’s name down in the first tribal council to hide their alliance, knowing she would be safe. But she questioned her trust in him.

Meanwhile, Hunahpu ran into some trouble when they lost their flint. Jon admitted to it quickly, hoping for forgiveness, but the tribe was hesitant to cut him a break after he had spent the morning annoying everyone exercising with wood along with Drew. 


Episode 2 was quick to get the tribes into the reward challenge. With fishing equipment at stake, the tribes again picked one member to compete one-on-one against their loved one. The challenge required them to complete a puzzle course that involved balancing a ball on a platform for the whole course. John Rocker was chosen for Coyopa to go against his girlfriend Julie. Julie won the challenge handily and sent Jeremy to Exile Island along with her boyfriend. Hunahpu pitched a deal to host Jeff Probst after their win to trade their beans for another flint. Jeff instead offered to give them flint instead of the fishing gear they had won in the challenge, a deal the tribe reluctantly accepted.

Exile Island

While John Rocker was off on Exile Island, Dale revealed that he recognized the ex-MLB pitcher and clued everyone in on his controversial past. However, on Exile Island, Jeremy (who also admitted to knowing about John’s past) struck up an alliance anyway with John, hoping the ex-ballplayer would be able to look out for his wife, Val.


John and Jeremy returned to the tribe in time for the immunity challenge. This required the contestants to face off against each other one on one, trying to knock each other off a platform into the water with a sand bag. The first tribe to win five rounds would take home immunity. John Rocker and Jon Misch faced off in the most intense matchup of the challenge, and Misch beat Rocker in a match that injured the ex-MLB player's nose. His response when asked if he was all right? “F--- it”

The challenge came down to the last match where Kelly beat Jaclyn to win the challenge for Hunahpu.

Tribal Council

With Coyopa again facing tribal council, tensions were high. John went looking for immunity idols after Val bluffed that she already found two with the clue she got on Exile Island. John, though, actually did find one idol after using the clue he shared with Jeremy on Exile Island. Then, Josh and John planned to force a split vote between Baylor and Val to force out Val’s (made up) idol and take out a girl. At Tribal Council Baylor took some heat for going with the guys in the premiere, but when the votes were tallied there was a tie between Val and Baylor -- and the tribe voted again (only able to vote for Baylor or Val). This time it was Val who was nearly unanimously voted off.

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