Survivor” was back Wednesday, Oct. 8, on CBS, and the castaways were dealing with the fallout from a tiebreaker vote in tribal council that made Val the second person sent home. Val had bluffed that she had an immunity idol, but when John forced her to play it -- believing her -- it sealed her fate. Here’s how it all went down in episode 2:


The episode began with the Coyopa tribe dealing with the aftermath of Val getting voted out and no one felt safe anymore. Josh no longer trusted John after the vote did not play out as he expected, John was worried about Val’s departure after making an Exile Island promise to Jeremy, and Baylor doubted if she could continue to listen to Josh after nearly getting voted out in a tie breaker vote.

Meanwhile, over at Hunahpu the tribe was not so happy with Drew sleeping while they are worked to prepare for a coming monsoon.


The reward challenge got off to an interesting start before the challenge even began with John apologizing to Jeremy in front of both tribes, basically admitting he was working behind his alliance’s back. In the actual challenge, Keith and Wes squared off with a tarp and blankets at stake. The two castaways had to walk on a thin beam while transferring plates from one side to the other with a paddle. In a tight challenge, son bested father as Wes won Coyopa its first challenge (they opted for fishing gear instead of the tarp). Wes chose Josh to accompany Keith on Exile Island. After the challenge, John once again tried to apologize to Jeremy, but Jeremy confessed to the camera that he was now out to get the former MLB ballplayer.

John Rocker

Back at Hunahpu, Julie was feeling isolated after Jeremy told the tribe that John was running the show at Coyopa and revealed his controversial past. Meanwhile, back at Coyopa Baylor pleaded with Wes and Alec to vote John out, knowing she might be next.

Exile Island

On Exile Island Keith and Josh got along well as they shared the clue to the immunity idol. Despite Keith’s Louisiana roots he found common ground with Josh (who is gay).


The immunity challenge required pairs from each tribe to take turns racing through an obstacle course tethered together to retrieve balls they then had to throw into a basket. The first tribe to score three points would win immunity. John took even more heat in the challenge, brushing up against Alec on Hunahpu en route to scoring a point for Coyopa. When it was all said and done, it came down to the last round, Wes and Alec against John and Natalie. Hunahpu won immunity for the third straight time, but the challenge was upstaged by what happened afterwards. Natalie attacked John for poor sportsmanship in the game (and perhaps blaming him for her sister’s early exit). The encounter turned into a shouting match between the two tribes with members of Hunahpu bringing up John’s controversial Sports Illustrated article (calling him a racist) and John threating to “punch [Natalie’s] teeth out if she was a man.” Coyopa claimed to have John’s back at the challenge, but there was a different story brewing back at camp.

Tribal Council

John planned to have the guys vote out Baylor next, telling the girls to vote out Dale as a distraction. Meanwhile, John, fed up with John’s antics and lies, pulled in Baylor and Wes with a plan to vote out John. Only Alec was left to be persuaded, but he wasn’t sure about voting off the tribe’s strongest athlete. On top of everything else, John had an immunity idol he had the possibility to play. However, when the time for the vote came, John did not play his immunity idol and the tribe (who ended up convincing Alec) voted the ex-ballplayer out, finally breaking the all-guy alliance. 

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