Reed almost pulled it off! After devising the perfect plan and managing to get everyone on board, it looked like Jon would be blindsided in the last episode of “Survivor: San Juan Del Sur – Blood vs. Water.” However, after Keith accidently alerted everyone to the scheme at tribal council, Keith’s son Wes ended up getting sent home. After barely missing his chance to take control of the game, how would Reed respond in episode 11?

Here’s how it all went down in a special two-hour episode 11 double elimination of “Survivor” Season 29:


The episode began with Reed and Alec complaining that Keith had blown their plan.

Meanwhile Jon was also complaining. While his alliance talked after tribal, Jaclyn gave Natalie credit for convincing Jon to play the idol, but Jon was mad because he did not want to give up credit for a power play that might be assessed by the jury later in the game. Jon and Jaclyn ended the night a bit frustrated with each other over the argument.


The reward challenge this week was the first individual reward challenge of the game. The challenge involved answering questions about the other castaways. Each player had three lives, represented by ropes holding a rock above a symbolic skull for each person. When a player got a question right they could cut another player’s rope. The last person left was the winner.

At stake was a horseback ride through San Juan Del Sur with brownies and other treats. However, when the challenge got down to just Jon, Natalie, Jaclyn, Baylor and Missy, it became clear that the alliance had a plan to win. In fact, Jeff, tired of the needless formality, ended the challenge early so the group could just give the reward to Missy.

However, the friendly decision soon turned tense when Missy sent Jon to Exile Island and chose to take Baylor and Natalie with her on the reward instead of Jaclyn. Afterwards, Jaclyn doubted whether her and Jon were the odd ones out in the alliance now.

Exile Island

On Exile Island, Jon began searching for a new hidden immunity idol, having used his other one in the last tribal council. It did not take long for him to find it either, as he continued to make good use of Exile Island in the game.

Alliances in Question

On their decadent reward, Missy, Baylor and Natalie began plotting to take their three-person sub-alliance to the final three.

Meanwhile, Reed, Alec and Keith were being especially nice to Jaclyn hoping that they could convince her to flip sides and bring Jon along as well when he returned from Exile Island. She saw through their phony gestures -- like Alec flirting with her and Reed giving her extra rice -- but fed up with Missy she was considering the plan anyway.


Jon returned for the immunity challenge, which required the castaways to balance an increasing number of balls on a platform. The first to successfully balance six balls would win immunity. Keith was able to take an early lead and win his second individual immunity challenge of the season.

Couple’s Quarrel

Back at camp, Jon was in a bit of a weird state after a two-day trip to Exile Island. When Jaclyn approached him about Reed’s pitch to her he flipped out about wanting time to relax, and the couple got into a fight. Jaclyn felt that she was not being listened to and refused to talk to him.

Then, Reed approached them both to see if they would be willing to take out Missy. Despite Natalie interrupting, Jon winked at Reed while telling him he could not trust him, giving the desperate Reed hope.

However, with Jaclyn refusing to talk to Jon and the tension between the couple getting worse, it was not clear if they had made a decision on whom to vote for before tribal council.

Tribal Council

Even at Tribal it was not clear whom the couple would vote with and the two sides resorted to pitching Jon and Jaclyn out in the open in tribal. In the end the couple stuck with the original alliance they made and voted Reed Kelly as the 11th person out of the game.

Aftermath 2.0

Back at camp, Alec, who was feeling lonely after tiring of seeing everyone else in the game get so close, asked Jon if there was any way to convince him not to vote him out next. Jon publicly declared that he trusted his current alliance and intended to stick with it.

Reward Challenge 2.0

In another individual reward challenge the castaways were balancing both a ball between a peg and a handle and themselves on a perch to try and win a canopy bed for a night. Natalie held on the longest to earn a comfortable night’s sleep and sent Alec to Exile Island. In a little bit of déjà vu, Missy was irked when Natalie chose Jon and Jaclyn to join her in the reward.

While enjoying wine and pasta in the canopy bed as part of their reward, Jon confessed to Natalie, who earned his trust back with the reward, that he had an immunity idol

However, she was plotting the whole time to blind side him as revenge for Jeremy, approaching Baylor to vote him out with Alec and Keith behind Missy’s back.

Immunity 2.0

Alec returned for the second immunity challenge of the episode requiring the castaways to balance wooden blocks on a tray. Jon put a damper on Natalie’s plot by winning the challenge and taking immunity.

Tribal Council 2.0

Back at camp, Jon decided that Keith should be the next to go while splitting votes with Alec in case one had an idol. Natalie, though, was angry that she did not have the opportunity to vote Jon out. Still determined to shake things up, she considered flipping her vote to take out Alec first.

At tribal, Jon claimed that Keith needed to go based on his success at immunity challenges, but Natalie had other plans. Flipping her vote, Natalie made Alec Christy the 12th person voted out.

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