The power shifted last week in episode 9 of “Survivor: San Juan Del Sur — Blood vs. Water” when Jon and Jaclyn decided to switch to the opposing alliance and take Jeremy out. With Jeremy gone, his alliance would have to pick up the pieces or get picked off one by one.

Here’s how everything went down in episode 10 of “Survivor” Season 29:


The tribe returned to camp where Reed suddenly felt empowered with his alliance after managing to survive last week. He now wondered whether he would now target Jon.

Meanwhile, Natalie was unhappy about being blindsided with Jeremy’s elimination. Despite Jon coming clean to her about his immunity idol he was not able to buy her trust as she too was now gunning for him.


The tribe arrived at the reward challenge where the tribe was split into two teams that would race through a swimming obstacle course to retrieve puzzle pieces to solve a puzzle to win. The two teams were Wes, Missy, Baylor and Natalie against Alec, Reed, Jaclyn and Jon with Keith sitting out. At stake was a chance to bring baseball equipment to kids in San Juan Del Sur and enjoy a meal while watching the kids play. In an extremely tight challenge Alec, Reed, Jaclyn and Jon pulled ahead during the puzzle to win. However, after Baylor started to cry that her mother had not yet won a reward, Reed gave up his spot in the reward for Missy, which he later admitted was strategy to begin working on a plan to take out Jon. The winning team also decided to send Wes to Exile Island.

Play Ball

Jon, Jaclyn, Alec and Missy arrived at their reward, bringing baseball equipment to a group of excited kids. Jon and Jaclyn were particularly excited as they confessed that they were not able to have kids of their own.

Meanwhile, there was a lot going on back at camp. Reed hatched a plan for him, Alec, Wes and Keith to vote for Jon while the larger alliance split their vote between Wes and Keith to try and smoke out Keith’s hidden immunity idol.

Speaking of immunity idols, Natalie found the other immunity idol with some help from Baylor while Reed was talking to Keith. They then started to plot voting Reed out next.


Wes returned from Exile Island for the immunity challenge, after the episode oddly showed no footage of him in exile. The challenge required the castaways to balance on a perch while grabbing two handles above their head. Jeff quickly started tempting everyone to step down with treats, including candy, which won over Jon, who was perhaps overly confident that he was safe. Baylor and Missy later stepped down for chocolate chip cookies and Wes for wings and beer. After Alec and Keith stepped down exhausted and in pain, it was down to Natalie and Reed. Late in the challenge Natalie requested pizza, wings, a cookie and beer and when Jeff granted her request, she stepped down giving the immunity challenge to Reed.

Tribal Council

With Reed holding immunity he began trying to put his plan into motion to tell the large alliance that they needed to split the vote between Keith and Wes while really voting for Jon with Alec, Keith, and Wes. Alec seemed to be able to convince Jon that he and Reed were actually voting for Keith and Wes. However, Keith seemed to blow their cover by getting defensive about comments from Reed that Keith had an immunity idol with not realizing that Reed was bluffing for Jon with his comments. The outburst convinced Jon he needed to play his immunity idol and Keith subsequently played his idol. Jon would have been voted out, but with votes for him and Keith not counting, Wes was sent home.

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