Episode 8 of “Survivor: San Juan Del Sur – Blood vs. Water” was a pivotal one. In the first tribal council since the merge, the episode found the two major alliances – Josh’s and Jeremy’s – vying for power and numbers with Jon and Jaclyn once again the swing votes. After Josh ended up being voted out, Reed and the rest of his alliance would be left to scramble as Jeremy’s alliance hoped to pick them off one by one.

Here’s how everything went down in episode 9 of “Survivor” Season 29:


Huyopa returned to camp with Reed wondering how to play the game without his partner and alliance leader. Meanwhile, many of the men on the now-minority alliance, especially Keith, were vocal about their disapproval of Jon and Jaclyn’s choice and Missy’s behavior at camp. Keith began considering using the immunity idol he found to make a power play in the game.


In the reward challenge, the tribe split into teams and took each other on in a series of one-on-one matches, trying to knock each other off a balance beam over a mud pit. The winning team would enjoy a yacht cruise and sandwiches. In the challenge it was Wes, Missy, Jon, Jaclyn and Keith against Alec, Baylor, Reed, Jeremy and Natalie. It all came down to a matchup between Missy and Baylor. In the end daughter bested mother and Baylor won the reward for her team. In a surprise move, Jeremy and Natalie gave up their spots on the cruise to Jon and Jaclyn to reward them for joining their alliance. The winners, including Jon and Jaclyn, chose to send Jeremy to Exile Island – a drastic, 180-degree change of fate for the firefighter. Jon and Jaclyn explained that they hoped Jeremy would find an immunity idol for their alliance.

The winning team enjoyed their reward. Jon and Jaclyn were appreciative of Jeremy and Natalie’s gesture, but also acknowledged that it was a transparent strategic play.

Exile Island

On Exile Island, Jeremy was not upset about his choice to give up the reward. Instead, he began searching for the hidden immunity idol. But he may have regretted his choice after a sleepless rainy night without finding the idol. Jeremy started to suspect that Jon had the immunity idol. (Jon found the idol in an earlier episode).


Jeremy returned from Exile Island for the immunity challenge. In the challenge the castaways had to untie a stack of blocks to solve a puzzle, but with one catch – they could only use their feet. As the challenge went down, Reed and Keith took a big lead, but Baylor was able to catch up and win the challenge to take immunity.

Tribal Council

When the tribe got back to camp, Reed, desperate to shake things up and save himself, searched through Keith’s belongings and exposed his hidden immunity idol secret.

Meanwhile, Jeremy, now believing Jon had an idol of his own, probed Jon to see if he would lie. Though he insisted he did not have the idol, Jon was uncomfortable about the suspicion and went to Missy afterwards with a plan to get Jeremy out before he exposed his idol.

Tensions flared at tribal council as many issues, including Keith and Wes’ treatment of the show’s women, hidden immunity idols, and trust between alliances, caused multiple arguments. However, when the votes were tallied it was Jeremy Collins who was voted out, becoming the ninth person to exit the game and the second member of the jury, joining Josh.

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