Kass McQuillen (pictured) became the seventh person voted out of "Survivor: Second Chance" in episode 7. CBS

"Survivor: Second Chance" lost two castaways in episode 6 -- one for personal reasons (Terry) and another in a shocking blindside (Woo). Will things calm down at all in episode 7, "Play to Win"? Not a chance! Just one week after the tribe swap, it is time for everyone to drop their buffs once again. However, this time it is not a swap, but a merge! This should get interesting.


Back at camp after tribal council, Andrew is feeling a little on the outs after not being included in the Woo blindside. Spencer, whom Andrew had tried to vote out in episode 5, is reluctant to make peace with Andrew, but wants to foster better relationships than he did in Cagayan.

Then, both tribes get tree mail. Bayon is told to wait at their beach for "visitors," while Ta Keo is given instructions on where to find their "new home." That can only mean one thing -- a merge!

The news elicits a variety of reactions. At Bayon, Tasha is immediately nervous about if she will be able to get her alliance on the same page on the new tribe. Meanwhile, at Ta Keo, Andrew is welcoming the shake up and the chance to reunite with his original Bayon alliance.

"Let this twist be something beautiful -- a beautiful merge," he tells the cameras.

Ciera, however, is worried what Andrew might do post-merge after having been lied to at tribal council in episode 6.

Merge Madness

When Ta Keo shows up at Bayon's beach there is no question about it -- the merge is on! The tribe enjoys a feast, but soon it is time to figure out how to get a seven-person majority for the next tribal council and all the alliances are scrambling.

Andrew touches base with Jeremy and they decide that courting Joe to the original Bayon alliance of Andrew, Jeremy, Stephen, Tasha and Kimmi is the way to go. Apparently they are right, because Kass and Kelley seem to be heading a Ta Keo alliance with Ciera, Spencer, Abi and Keith on board and they believe Joe is with them. It looks like the biggest challenge threat is also currently the swing vote -- lucky Joe!

The 13 remaining castaways of "Survivor: Second Chance" merge into one tribe in episode 7. CBS

Andrew makes a pitch to Joe that involves pulling in Keith as part of original Bayon. Joe is tempted, but still feels some loyalty to his Ta Keo alliance. Meanwhile, Kelley believes Keith is 100 percent with her Ta Keo alliance, while she admits to Kass they need to talk to Joe. Elsewhere, Spencer and Joe have a chat where they realize they are both caught in the middle of two very strong five-person alliances. They promise to watch each other's backs -- Spencer even draws out the alliances in the sand like a football play, something he calls "Joe language."

Kass tries to probe Tasha for information on the Bayon alliance, hoping even to bring her into the Ta Keo alliance. Tasha, though, does not trust Kass, dating back to their history in "Cagayan." Tasha tells Kass a lie that the Bayon alliance is no more. Kass knows Tasha is not telling the truth so she decides to use the lie to her advantage. In front of the whole tribe, she repeats Tasha's lie out loud, accusing her of genuinely having second thoughts about her alliance. Ciera catches on to what Kass is doing and joins the scheme, spreading rumors that Andrew had been plotting with Woo to knock out Joe and Jeremy after the merge. If the goal is to cause chaos, it is working, but Andrew is now determined to send either Kass or Ciera home next.


At the first individual immunity challenge, the castaways have to stand on a narrow beam while balancing a ball on a small circular platform. As the challenge progresses they must step down a series of even narrower beams. It comes down to Joe -- always a challenge favorite, and Spencer -- rarely expected to do well -- on the last beam. Spencer hangs in there for a while, but ultimately loses his balance and falls. Joe wins the first individual immunity, shocking no one.

Spencer Bledsoe (pictured) falls just short of winning the first individual immunity challenge in episode 7 of "Survivor: Second Chance." CBS

Tribal Council

Despite all the strategizing earlier, almost the entire tribe wants Kass out after all the trouble she has been causing. Everyone except Kass, Ciera, Abi, and Kelley seem to be voting for Kass, but they are planning on splitting their votes among Kass and Ciera in case one of them has an immunity idol. However, that leaves Kass with an opportunity. She goes to Spencer and tries to cash in on saving him in episode 6 by asking him to vote for Tasha and send her home instead. Spencer is left with a difficult choice of who he trusts more -- Kass used to be his mortal enemy for crying out loud!

In tribal council Kass and Ciera make emotional cases with Ciera delivering a lengthy "play to win" speech -- after which the episode got its title -- urging the super majority to consider where they stand individually in the game when voting. It does not pay off. With seven votes, Kass becomes the seventh person voted out of "Survivor: Second Chance" and the eighth player out of the game. In fact, Ciera did not even go along with the Tasha coup, voting for Andrew to ensure she would be safe from the vote fallout.

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