Survivor: Spencer Bledsoe
Spencer Bledsoe (pictured) might be the odd man out after a merge in episode 7 of "Survivor: Second Chance." CBS

Episode 6 of "Survivor: Second Chance" delivered another blind side when Woo was sent home thanks to the return of "Chaos Kass." "Cambodia" is turning out to be one of the more unpredictable seasons of the CBS series yet and the promo for episode 7 reveals that things are only going to get crazier. A merge is coming and the 13 remaining players will be combined into one super-sized tribe -- the biggest in the series' history. The twist is certain to shake up the game.

Here are three castaways who could be heading home next:

1. Spencer Bledsoe

Spencer has been flirting with elimination for weeks now. The often-awkward super fan has been on the bottom of the totem poll no matter what tribe he has been on in the past few episodes. However, the economics student has been saved time and time again by fortuitously timed power plays by other castaways -- the blind sides of Woo, Monica, Shirin, etc. How long will his streak of being the second person on the chopping block continue? The merge might leave Spencer between a rock and a hard place with no real alliance. The closest people he has to allies are Andrew and Jeremy, but their priorities seem to lie elsewhere. Andrew even suggested voting for Spencer in episode 6 because he is "too smart." Plus, his bad blood with Kass is sure to keep her gunning for him.

2. Kass McQuillen

The transformation is complete. When Kass engineered a blind side of Woo in episode 6 she fully reverted back to her "Chaos Kass" persona from "Cagayan." The move shook up the game and put Kass in the center of a strong alliance, but now that she has shown her true colors will the rest of the castaways trust her? The merge could force the tribe to reevaluate "Chaos Kass" and send her packing.

3. Joe Anglim

A merge changes everyone's priorities and now that the castaways will not be concerned anymore with keeping an entire tribe strong for challenges, they may start seeing the uber-athletic Joe as just a threat. The seeds of such sentiments were laid in episode 6 when Stephen began raising the idea that his alliance should blind side the jewelry maker while they had the chance -- aka before individual immunity became a factor. Jeremy ultimately nixed the plan, but he may rethink that after the merge. One thing Joe does have going for him is two separate alliances of five, which, hopefully, will keep him safe.

Who will be voted out in episode 7? Fans will have to wait to find out. "Survivor: Second Chance" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

Watch the promo for episode 7, confirming the upcoming merge, below: