Blindsides are one of the most exciting parts of “Survivor,” but people do not usually bring them on themselves. However, that is exactly what happened in episode 5 of “Survivor: Worlds Apart” as a plan to throw a challenge – predictably – ended in elimination for one of the castaways.

It all started before the immunity challenge when the blue-collar core of Escameca (Dan, Mike and Rodney) and the newly recruited Joaquin started to worry that Kelly, the lone blue-collar tribe member left on Nagarote, would not survive another tribal council. Hoping to protect her for an alliance in a future merge, the group – led at this point by Rodney and Joaquin’s blossoming bromance – hatched a plan to throw the next immunity challenge in order to keep her safe.

At the challenge, Mike hesitantly went along with the plan, letting Kelly beat him when the challenge came down to a winner-take-all between the two of them. This was no easy task! Kelly struggled so much with the challenge that Mike resorted to telling her the answer to make the plan work.

Having thrown the challenge, Rodney planned to vote out Joe with his newly formed alliance. But Mike was suddenly having second thoughts. Not liking how close Rodney and Joaquin seemed to be, he came up with a new plan to vote out Joaquin instead. This involved Mike and Dan having to plead with Sierra to come back on board with them after she and Dan went at it in episode 5. When the tribe went to tribal council the blindside went off without a hitch and Joaquin Souberbielle became the sixth person voted out of the game.

Rodney seemed totally shocked by the outcome, but he will have to pull it together if he wants to stay alive next week. Hopefully, he has learned his lesson about throwing challenges.

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