Lindsey Cascaddan became the fourth person voted off of "Survivor: Worlds Apart." CBS

Episode 3 of “Survivor: Worlds Apart” was pretty uneventful as Nina was voted out in one of the least surprising tribal councils in “Survivor” history. However, the show would redeem itself in episode 4 with a special two-hour, double elimination episode that would also see a shake-up in the makeup of the tribes.

Here’s how it all went down in episode 4 of “Survivor” Season 30:


The Nagarote tribe felt a whole lot better after voting out Nina and finally felt like a cohesive group.

Meanwhile, the Escameca tribe (blue collar) had also made peace with Mike and Rodney finally getting along. Mike even convinced Rodney to try a snake he had caught and cooked.


Early in the episode, the tribes took part in their first reward-only challenge of the season. With a cage full of egg-laying hens at stake, the challenge required the tribes to pick a caller who would guide the rest of the tribe as they retrieved items from an obstacle-laden field blindfolded. Nagarote got off to an early lead, but the challenge was interrupted when Kelly collided into an obstacle. After the medical team bandaged the cut on her head, the challenge resumed with Kelly proving to be tough as nails. However, Kelly’s resilience was not enough to win the challenge as Nagarote won handedly. Masaya (white collar) came in second to earn 10 eggs for their tribe.

Egg Hunt

Back at camp, Nagarote quickly set to killing one of their new chickens for dinner. The feast took a celebratory tone to honor Will’s 42nd birthday.

However, Jenn was a vegetarian and had no interest in seeing a chicken get slaughtered. Instead, she went searching for the immunity idol. That turned out to be a wise decision as she found the idol stuffed in a hole in a tree.

Tribal Unrest

Over at Escameca, Rodney was yet again at the center of some tension after some sexist remarks he made rubbed Lindsey the wrong way.

Meanwhile, after cooking up some of their reward eggs, Masaya started to talk strategy. Most of the tribe had tired of Shirin’s eccentric behavior, but Carolyn suggested that it was Max who needed to go. She claimed he encouraged Shirin’s weirdness and would eventually take control of the game if left to his own devices.


The next day the tribes met again for the immunity challenge. The challenge required the tribes to navigate a rope maze to retrieve a ball that they then had to maneuver through a puzzle while balancing on a beam. Escameca and Nagarote got off to an early lead over Masaya. However, the white-collar tribe caught up at the puzzle to take the lead. Then, Nagarote surged ahead to win immunity. It came down to Masaya and Escameca to decide who would be headed to tribal council. Max utilized some risky methods in moving the ball through the maze, but managed to successfully complete the challenge and keep his tribe safe. Escameca, on the other hand, had a date with Jeff for their first tribal council.

Tribal Council

Faced with voting someone out for the first time, there were disagreements in Escameca. Lindsey and Sierra were intent on voting out Rodney after his sexist behavior and poor performance in the immunity challenge, while Rodney and Dan were gunning for Lindsey. The tribe arrived at tribal council with Mike and Kelly as the swing votes. Rodney did not do himself any favors by continuing his ranting against women at tribal council. However, when the votes were cast, there was a three-way tie between Rodney, Lindsey and Sierra. After a revote -- with the three potentially eliminated tribe members abstaining -- Lindsey Cascaddan became the fourth person voted out of the game.


After tribal council, Sierra felt on the outs with her tribe. She did not have to sweat it for too long as the tribes merged the next day! After the big shakeup, this is how the new tribes turned out:

Escameca -- Dan, Sierra, Mike, Rodney, Tyler, Joaquin, and Joe

Nagarote -- Will, Haley, Jenn, Max, Carolyn, Shirin and Kelly


The new tribes were immediately put to the test with a reward challenge. With kitchen supplies and sausages on the line, the tribes had to launch balls with a catapult to their fellow tribe members who had to catch them with nets. Escameca dominated and won outright to get their new tribe off to a head start in the game.

New Tribes

There was a lot of adjusting going on in the new tribes. Shirin wanted to convince Kelly to join her, Max and Carolyn in an alliance against the former no-collar members. However, Carolyn wanted no part of an alliance with Shirin and Max. Plus, Max was already rubbing people the wrong way, getting stung by stingrays during one of his trademark swims and then soaking his feet in the drinking water.

Meanwhile, Sierra immediately started venting to the former white-collar and no-collar members of her tribe about her treatment from the guys at the old blue-collar tribe. The conflict had Mike and Dan worried that an angry Sierra was now a swing vote. Mike had Dan apologize to Sierra for criticizing her at camp after tribal council earlier. However, Dan botched the apology and only made things worse.

Immunity 2.0

In the second immunity challenge of the episode, the new tribes had to push large ceramic pots through a mud obstacle course on a sled before breaking the pots with a small wrecking ball. Escameca took a huge lead and never looked back, winning immunity and sending Nagarote to the first post-merge tribal council.

Tribal Council

With Nagarote facing an elimination, Kelly became the swing vote as the former no-collar members targeted Max and the white-collar tribe set their sights on Will. What Max and Shirin did not know was that Carolyn was looking to switch alliances and went to Jenn offering to vote with the former no-collar members. With the blindside all set, the tribe arrived at tribal council and when the votes were cast, Max Dawson became the fifth person voted off of “Survivor: Worlds Apart.”

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