Vince was gone. The eccentric coconut vendor was voted out in episode 2 of “Survivor: Worlds Apart” and Nagarote (no-collar) seemed a whole lot calmer as a result. However, tension was brewing in the other two tribes as the days wore on in San Juan Del Sur. Who would be voted off next?

Here’s how it all went down in episode 3 of “Survivor” Season 30:


Immediately after tribal council, Nina was upset believing there was no way she would not be the next person voted out of the tribe. The rest of the tribe was frustrated, urging her not to quit just yet.

Camp Life

Things were a little more peaceful at Nagarote the next day as Joe worked to make Nina feel more accepted by the tribe.

However, tensions were high at Escameca (blue collar) after Dan took a joke a bit too far with Rodney, insulting his mother. After finally starting to fit in a little bit more, it seemed Dan was once again on the outs with the tribe. Things got worse when Mike and Rodney got into a fight over doing more work around camp. Mike’s continued complaints about everyone’s work ethic were making him unpopular and Lindsey wanted him gone.

Meanwhile, over at Masaya (white collar), Shirin was getting on everybody’s nerves with an overly detailed account of some howler monkeys she saw having sex. The constant weirdness from Shirin had Tyler contemplating voting her off next, especially after Joaquin earned some trust by showing Tyler the clue for the hidden immunity idol -- which Carolyn already found.


With immunity and reward -- a tarp, pillows, and chairs -- at stake, the tribes had to fill a barrel with water using only a bucket with dozens of holes that the tribe members had to try and plug. Nagarote made a curious decision to sit Nina out for most of the challenge and they quickly fell behind Masaya and Escameca. In the end, Escameca won first place and reward, while Masaya came in second to send Nagarote back to tribal council for the second straight week.

Tribal Council

With the most peaceful tribe in the game forced to vote someone out, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that Nina would be going home. However, Jenn and Hali were discussing voting for Will instead after he performed poorly in two consecutive challenges. When the votes were tallied, Jenn and Hali stuck to the plan and Nina Poersch became the third person voted out of “Survivor: Worlds Apart.”

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