“Survivor” is back! The long-running CBS reality series returned Wednesday with the premiere of “Survivor: Worlds Apart – White Collar vs. Blue Collar vs. No Collar.” The landmark 30th season would bring the show back once again to San Juan Del Sur -- where Natalie Anderson won in Season 29. Who would follow in Nat’s footsteps? Fans were introduced on Wednesday to the 18 new castaways who will try.

Here’s how it all went down in the 90-minute “Survivor: Worlds Apart” premiere:

This is Survivor!

The show began with host Jeff Probst explaining how this season was breaking the mold once again. Season 30 would divide the new castaways into three tribes based on their occupational backgrounds: white collar, blue collar and, of course, no collar. The tribes arrived in separate trucks, already divided into their tribes.


The tribes were split up as follows:

  • Masaya (White Collar) – Carolyn, Joaquin, Max, Shirin, So, and Tyler
  • Escameca (Blue Collar) – Dan, Kelly, Lindsey, Mike, Rodney, and Sierra
  • Nagarote (No Collar) – Hali, Jenn, Joe, Nina, Vince, and Will

Honesty vs. Deceit

Before sending the tribes off to camp for the first time, Jeff made each group choose a leader. Masaya chose Joaquin, Escameca chose Dan and Nagarote chose Will – only because Will promised to make sandwiches…somehow. Those leaders chose a second in command – Joaquin chose So, Dan chose Mike and Will chose Jenn.

At camp, those two leaders had to make a secret choice between “honesty” and “deceit.” Off in the jungle, they were made to choose between a large bag of beans for the tribe or a small bag of beans for the tribe and a clue to a hidden immunity idol for themselves. The Escameca and Nagarote leaders chose the big bag of rice – although back at camp, Sierra was still skeptical that Dan and Mike had cheated them – but Joaquin and So took the clue. So, however, was feeling a bit uneasy about her forced alliance with Joaquin. To make matters worse, Joaquin and So were not so convincing in their story at camp and their tribe immediately suspected them.

 Alliances Form

In the aftermath of the rice choice situation, alliances immediately started to form.

In Masaya, Shirin hooked up with Max and Carolyn to keep tabs on Joaquin and So.

Meanwhile, in Escameca, the blue-collar castaways were doing a great job of working together to fortify their camp. However, it was not all teamwork, as Rodney -- who said he planned to court the tribe’s women as part of his strategy -- won Lindsey over by opening up about his sister’s death.

On a side note, while others in the tribe were starting to talk strategy, Mike found and ate a scorpion -- hoping for a protein boost – and ended up sick for the rest of the day. Dan also put himself on the outs with the tribe with his not-so-amicable approach to building the shelter.

Finally, in Nagarote, some tensions were flaring in the supposedly carefree tribe as Vince and Joe clashed over how to build their tribe’s shelter. Vince was also a little forward in forming an alliance with Jenn, believing them to be kindred spirits. Jenn was creeped out by Vince, but did not pass up the opportunity for an early ally. However, Vince became upset when he felt that Jenn was attracted to Joe – who had just found a way to make fire without flint.  

Hidden Immunity Idol

Carolyn had been to first to be skeptical that Joaquin and So had lied to the Masaya tribe about the bags of rice and when she saw the pair suspiciously searching in the jungle she had an idea. Knowing from watching previous seasons what kinds of places immunity idols were usually hidden, Carolyn was able to find an odd-looking tree holding a hidden immunity idol!


The first combined immunity and reward challenge of the game required the tribes to untie a ladder, cross a few platform obstacles and choose a tribe member to complete one of three puzzles. The puzzles had varying amounts of pieces, but were designed to be better suited for different types of minds -- visual vs. big picture vs. straightforward thinkers.

Masaya and Nagarote both got to the puzzle quickly, with the white-collar brains picking the 50-pieced straightforward puzzle and the no-collar minds choosing the 10-piece visual thinking puzzle. Joe made quick work of the 10-piece puzzle and won immunity and reward -- a fire-making kit -- for Nagarote. To make matters worse for Masaya, Escameca caught up and Mike finished off the 10-piece puzzle to take second place and immunity for the blue-collar tribe, sending the white-collar team to tribal council.

Tribal Council

Back at camp, So started a campaign to vote out Carolyn after her performance in the challenge. Luckily for Carolyn, Tyler was not on board with the plan. Hoping to sure up a possible alliance with Tyler, Carolyn confessed to him that she had found an idol and decided that So should be the target. Carolyn had previously formed an alliance with Max and Shirin, but Max was still not so sure. Plus, Carolyn’s confession had only made Tyler more inclined to put her name down.

Masaya arrived at tribal council with everything still very much in doubt. There was a lot of drama at tribal, with Carolyn and So going head-to-head making their cases for each other to go home. However, when the votes were tallied, it was So Kim who became the first person voted off of “Survivor: Worlds Apart.”

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