After a particularly emotional episode 9 of “Survivor: Worlds Apart,” Mike and Shirin were on the outs from the rest of the tribe. Luckily, they would have some chances to get back in the game in episode 10 as an immunity challenge twist presented them with an opportunity to throw a wrench in the majority alliance’s plan.

Here’s how it all went down in episode 10 of “Survivor” Season 30:


The day after tribal council, Dan is in denial that he and Sierra areat the bottom of the totem pole in their alliance. Furthermore, he is angry with Mike for even suggesting the idea.

Meanwhile, Shirin is still reeling from the personal attacks Will made against her in episode 9. Dan tries to comfort her but later confessed to the cameras that he believed she was behaving like a drama queen.


The reward challenge is a team challenge, with the blue team of Mike, Shirin, Sierra and Rodney facing off against the red team of Dan, Will, Tyler and Carolyn. The teams have to use barrels and long planks of wood to cross three sections of sand without touching the ground. The teams use very different approaches -- the red team conservatively lays out the barrels on their ends, while the blue team attempts the risky strategy of placing the barrels on their sides to maximize the distance with their planks. The red team’s strategy pays off, and the victorious foursome wins a relaxing boat ride and a cheeseburger feast.

Rodney Time

While the reward winners enjoy their burger barbeque, Rodney laments that he has never been on a reward trip. The Boston native is hungry and desperately in need of what he calls “Rodney Time.” Sierra takes the opportunity to talk strategy with him, expressing concern that Tyler is becoming a major threat to win the whole game. Rodney, though, does not want to change the plan of voting out Mike and Shirin next.

Meanwhile, on the reward trip, Dan is equally determined to keep the majority alliance of six strong. Unfortunately for the postal worker, Mike is right about Dan being on the bottom and Dan makes a fool of himself preaching about the strength of the alliance, while Tyler and Carolyn humor him to keep him in line.

Immunity Challenge

The immunity challenge requires the castaways to hold on to a handle attached by a rope to a counterweight -- equal to 25 percent of each respective player -- supporting a bucket of water. The last person to let their bucket fall will win immunity. There was a twist as well. The last man and the last woman standing will get an immunity necklace.

The challenge comes down to Rodney and Mike for the men and Carolyn and Shirin for the women. The pairings are a symbolic battle among the two tribe outcasts and the majority alliance. Shirin lets her handle slip to give Carolyn the individual immunity for the women. Mike and Rodney, though, last much longer. Rodney digs deep to stay in the challenge as long as possible, but he cannot outlast Mike, who wins his second straight individual immunity challenge.

Tribal Council

When the tribe gets back to camp, Shirin starts making her case to stick around. Dan is obnoxiously dismissive about hearing her out, but Sierra is open to making a play to vote out Tyler, whom she sees as a bigger threat.

Then, Tyler goes  snooping and finds Dan’s secret advantage, learning that Dan has a double vote to use whenever he sees fit.

Meanwhile, Mike works hard to persuade Dan to turn on the majority and target Tyler. However, Dan is reluctant to trust Mike again.

At the tribal council, Shirin makes an aggressive case that the tribe at large is foolish to vote her out instead of addressing a bigger threat in the game. Tensions are high as Tyler becomes the target of the discussion, forcing him to criticize Mike for his loyalty.

Then, Mike shakes things up when all of a sudden he claims he'll play his hidden immunity idol for Shirin, forcing the majority alliance to vote for Tyler or run the risk of getting voted out themselves. The move turns out to be a bluff, and when the votes are tallied, Shirin Oskooi becomes the 11th person voted out of the game. However, since Dan and Tyler each receive two votes, it is safe to say that Mike has exposed some cracks in the majority alliance.

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