Going into episode 9 of “Survivor: Worlds Apart,” the blue-collar alliance had been impossible to thwart since the merge. However, Rodney had been planning on flipping on Mike for a while and this week he finally made good on his promise.

Here’s how it all went down in a very tense episode 9 of “Survivor” Season 30:


The morning after episode 8’s tribal council, Mike overheard a conversation between Rodney, Carolyn, Will and Tyler. The foursome was planning on breaking up the blue-collar alliance and targeting Mike at the next tribal council. Mike was none too pleased.


Instead of a normal challenge, reward in this episode was the annual “Survivor” auction. The castaways were given $500 to bid on items Jeff presented to the tribe. Some of the items were shown to the players, while others were kept hidden until after the bids were made. Right out of the gate there was a big surprise when Will bid $100 on a blind item that ended up being a note informing him he was now out of the auction and needed to go back to camp.

Then, it became clear that three of the castaways – Mike, Dan and Carolyn – planned to hold out from bidding on any food in the hopes of having a shot at an advantage in the game. After the rest of the players got something delicious to eat with their money, Jeff presented the trio of holdouts with a dilemma. Up for auction was a letter from a loved one for each tribe member. After Sierra bought her letter for $20, every other player had the opportunity the pay the same. Mike, Dan and Carolyn reached an agreement to all buy their letters for $20 – to preserve the same amount of money between them for an equal chance at the advantage – but Mike backed out on the agreement after Dan and Carolyn had already purchased their letters. He later took it back and bought his own letter, but the damage was done as far as Dan was concerned. His trust in Mike was in doubt.

Eventually, Mike, Dan and Carolyn got their shot to bid on the advantage and with all three putting in the maximum amount possible, they drew straws and Dan was the lucky winner.

Trouble at Camp

Back at camp, Mike made things worse when he insisted on outing Rodney for flipping on the blue-collar alliance while everyone was trying to read their letters from home. The timing of the outburst made him no friends at camp and soon Dan and Sierra seemed allied with the foursome from earlier.

Meanwhile, Dan opened up his advantage to find he had been given an extra vote to use at a future tribal council of his choice – Dan referred to the advantage as a “golden ticket.”

Then, Mike, Jenn and Shirin caused a stir when they accused Will of holding out part of his reward from the auction. When will had returned to camp early after bidding on the mystery note, he discovered he had been left a map to a cache of provisions to last him until the end of the game. Will decided to share the food with the whole tribe, but Mike, Jenn and Shirin thought there was more in the cache that he was hiding. When Will found out about their suspicions he went on a tirade against Shirin, levying some vicious personal attacks that left her in tears.


Before the immunity challenge, Will made a pitch to Jeff to sit out of the immunity challenge in exchange for the letter from home he was not given the opportunity to bid on in auction. However, Jeff said that every castaway would have to agree. Shirin, still reeling from Will’s rant, refused to allow the compromise.

So, Will did not get his letter and all of the castaways participated in the immunity challenge, requiring them to cross a set of balance beams to transfer six balls to a rack on the other side using only a set of prongs. Mike took an early lead and never looked back, winning immunity and throwing a wrench in the majority alliance’s plan.

Tribal Council

Dan, Shirin and Jenn were now on the outs. There only hope was to convince Dan to stay loyal to Mike and vote for Carolyn. However, the pressure from the majority six was too strong and Dan would not flip. After a tense tribal council, Jenn Brown became the tenth person voted out of “Survivor: Worlds Apart.”

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