There is a pretty good chance that the tribal council in Wednesday’s episode of “Survivor: Worlds Apart” will be chaos. The CBS show has announced that, in addition to the hidden immunity idols laying in wait and Dan’s secret advantage, there will be not one, but two winners in episode 10’s immunity challenge. And based on a sneak preview of the installment, it appears the twist will cause an overhaul in the game.

An exclusive clip of the episode from Entertainment Weekly gives fans a sneak preview of the immunity challenge shakeup. In the video, host Jeff Probst explains to the shocked castaways that both the male and female winner in the challenge will take home an immunity necklace. The challenge requires the players to hold a rope handle balancing 25 percent of each player’s respective body weight and a bucket of water. The last man and woman to let their buckets fall will win the endurance challenge.

Watch the episode 10 immunity challenge preview below:

The two immunity necklaces will create a big wrinkle in the game. Mike and Shirin are still on the outs of the tribe but if both were to win, it would force the majority alliance to vote out one of their own. Furthermore, with two hidden immunity idols still in play – Mike and Carolyn still possess an idol – and Dan’s double vote advantage in his back pocket, there could be some big time chaos at the next tribal council as the alliances scramble to maintain numbers. Plus, the promo for the episode reveals that a little snooping by Tyler will expose Dan’s secret advantage, which could force him to use it earlier than expected.

Watch the promo for episode 10 below:

Who will win the two immunity necklaces? Will the hidden immunity idols surface this week? Tune in to “Survivor: Worlds Apart” Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.