"Survivor: Second Chance" has been one of the wildest, most unpredictable seasons in the CBS series' 31-season history. Not even Stephen's coveted advantage could stop him from getting blindsided -- in last week's episode 10/episode 11 double header  -- before he could vote out Joe, his white whale. Stephen's exit means the massive, "voting bloc"-dominated majority alliance is officially no more and no one is safe. So who is headed home in episode 12?


After episode 10/11's tribal council, Jeremy and Kimmi are not feeling as strong about their standing in the game. Jeremy goes to talk to Spencer and Spencer promises that things are still good between them -- Spencer later tells the cameras that, although he does not plan on trying to go to the end of the game with Jeremy, he still wants to maintain the relationship.

Meanwhile, Kimmi talks to Kelley where they realize if the tribe does the seemingly obvious move and votes Joe out next -- provided he loses the individual immunity challenge -- the girls will have a four to three majority. They hatch a plan to create an all girls alliance and Kimmi vows to the cameras that is time for her to make a move, not just be a pawn in other castaways' games.  

The Ultimate Reward

Before the episode's reward challenge, Jeff has a surprise for the castaways -- it is time for the family visit! Each player gets a short, but sweet moment with a loved one. Jeremy gets to see his pregnant wife Val (a former "Blood vs. Water" contestant with her husband) who lets him know his son is a boy -- he still plans on hiding the new baby from the tribe, though. Tasha is visited by her cousin Cristina, Spencer by his girlfriend Marcella (he tells her he loves her!), Abi by her mother Vera, Keith by his wife Dana, Kelley by her dad Dale (another "Blood vs. Water" contestant), Joe by his father Pat, and Kimmi by her dad.

Then it is time for the reward challenge. The castaways have to race through an obstacle course collecting bags of lettered puzzle pieces. The first person to complete the subsequent word puzzle would win reward -- an American style barbeque with their loved one. Everyone is obviously putting in a little extra effort to win some extra time with their loved one, but is Kelley who emerges as the victor. She has to choose four other castaways to join the barbeque with their special someones. She chooses Keith, Kimmi, Joe, and Abi. 

Survivor Jeremy Collins (left) gets a visit from his wife, Val (right), in episode 12 of "Survivor: Second Chance." Photo: CBS

While the lucky five enjoy their family barbeque, Spencer, Jeremy, and Tasha stew over getting passed over by Kelley. They channel their disappointment into some productive strategy talk and promise to take each other to the final three. They also decide that Joe needs to be the next castaway sent home. 


There is a twist in the episode's individual immunity challenge. The last male and female castaway standing will win immunity. The challenge requires the players have to balance a small wooden statue over their heads with an increasingly long, wooden pole -- they add a new section to the pole every five minutes.

Kimmi and Abi go out early, turning the female half of the competition into a one on one showdown between Kelley and Tasha. However, Tasha soon follows suit making Kelley safe at the next tribal council before any of the guys bow out. Soon, though, Spencer and Jeremy drop their statues and the male immunity comes down to Keith and Joe. A half hour into the challenge there are no more sections to add to the now 16-foot poles. The tribe is clearly rooting for Keith, hoping to have the chance to vote out Joe, but a whopping hour and twenty minutes into the challenge tragedy hits when Joe collapses unconscious. Keith wins immunity by default, but there are bigger things to worry about now. The "Survivor" medics rush to Joe's side and tend to him. His blood sugars level dropped during the challenge, but he is in no long term danger -- in life, anyway. In the game, Joe lost the immunity challenge to Keith and will be vulnerable in the next tribal council. 

Tribal Council

Survivor Jeremy Collins (left) and Spencer Bledsoe (right) are nervous about a girls alliance in episode 12 of "Survivor: Second Chance." Photo: CBS

With tribal council looming, Joe seems to be the obvious choice, medical issues aside. Joe is desperate to save himself and makes a pitch to Jeremy to vote out Abi instead. Jeremy is uneasy about the idea until Tasha clues Spencer and Jeremy in about the girls alliance that is in the works. That makes Jeremy and Spencer nervous. Tasha then starts to regret telling them anything. She wanted to maintain her trust with them, but she still thinks Joe is the smart move. However, Jeremy and Spencer, along with Keith and Joe, need Tasha to actually eliminate Abi, so there a lot of unknowns going into tribal council. 

Apparently, Tasha set Jeremy and Spencer straight. When the votes are tallied, Joe becomes the 12th person voted out and the 13th person out of the game.