Episode 5 of “Survivor: Worlds Apart” saw the quick end to a budding “bromance” between Rodney and Joaquin. Rodney was now on the outside looking in at the original blue-collar alliance after Joaquin was voted out in a big blindside. However, with a merge looming, everything could change in a second.

Here’s how it all went down in episode 6 of “Survivor” Season 30:


The night after the tribal council, Mike asked Rodney to go for a walk in the hopes of mediating the fallout over voting out Joaquin. Mike explained that he did not believe Rodney would have voted with the rest of the original blue-collar members, but Rodney felt disrespected that they had not trusted him.


Rodney did not have to worry about being the odd man out for long. The next day the two tribes were given the news that they were merged! The castaways got to enjoy a big feast to celebrate the two tribes joining each other. Afterward, the new tribe returned home -- to the old Escameca campsite -- but they had been stripped of any shelter or tools.

Alliances Form

As the tribe built their new shelter, people started to talk strategy. Rodney, for one, wanted revenge on the three blue-collars -- Sierra, Dan and Mike -- who voted out Joaquin. He wanted to recruit Carolyn, Kelly and Will in a scheme to go along with the blue-collar plan to knock off the no-collars, but later vote the blue-collars out. This had Carolyn -- and her secret ally, Tyler -- debating which side to give their swing vote allegiance. On the other side, the no-collars were happy to be reunited and were not even discussing who they might target.


In the game’s first individual immunity challenge, the castaways had to stay suspended in the air holding on to a pole for as long as they could. The last one standing would win immunity. The bigger men -- Dan and Will -- were the first to go, but they were soon joined by Tyler, Sierra, Shirin and Kelly. Jenn was stung by a bee, but still managed to stay in the challenge to join Carolyn and Joe in the final three. In the end, though, it was Joe who outlasted the rest to win the first individual immunity.

Tribal Council

Facing an elimination, the blue-collar alliance was targeting Jenn, while the no-collars had their sights on Kelly. Carolyn and Tyler were stuck in the middle, hearing arguments from both sides about who to join. On top of that, Mike told Will, who was debating flipping to the blue-collar alliance, that their target was Hali to test his loyalty while the rest of the alliance went for Jenn. Meanwhile, Jenn was considering using her hidden immunity idol to protect either Hali or herself.

At tribal council it became very clear that the vote would be an important one in determining who was in control of the game. Fearing she might be on the chopping block, Jenn decided to play her hidden immunity idol after all! When the votes were tallied, it was Jenn who would have gone home, but having played her idol, Kelly Remington became the seventh person voted out of “Survivor: Worlds Apart” instead.

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