For a while in episode 7 of “Survivor: Worlds Apart,” it appeared the dominant blue-collar alliance would fold as the girls flirted with an all-female alliance. However, when the votes were tallied everyone stayed loyal and Hali Ford was sent home instead. Would any of the remaining no-collar or white-collar players be able to find a way to take the majority down?

Here’s how it all went down in episode 8 of “Survivor” Season 30:


After tribal council, Shirin was hoping that the blue-collar alliance would start to crack before all the no-collar and white-collar castaways were gone. In the meantime, she approached Mike, hoping to work her way into the blue-collar game plan. She was able to convince him to start considering targeting Carolyn for the next vote.

Meanwhile, Jenn – having lost her best friend in the game in Hali – was feeling depressed and questioning how much she wanted to stay in the game.


The tribe was split into two teams for the reward challenge – the blue team of Mike, Tyler, Shirin, Dan and Sierra vs. the red team of Rodney, Joe, Jenn, Carolyn and Will. With a chocolate bounty of M&M’s and Snickers bars on the line, the teams had to navigate a series of floating platforms and then retrieve five rings with a grappling hook. Some of the castaways made quick work of the obstacle course (Joe and Mike), while others were hilariously bad (Dan and Will). Despite some comical moments – Will rolling down the slide – the teams took the challenge very seriously as they remained neck and neck the whole time. In the end, Mike won the challenge for the blue team, snagging the last ring.

aCamp Life

While the winning castaways were enjoying their chocolate reward – Mike seemed to be auditioning for a job as a Snickers spokesman after the game – the losers decided to have a feast of their own. They slaughtered another one of their chickens for a big dinner – a decision that upset the already despondent, vegetarian Jenn. However, soon Rodney was lifting everyone’s spirits with some pitch-perfect impressions of Mike and Dan that even had Jenn laughing – who saw that coming? Joe, on the other hand, saw Rodney’s jeers at his blue-collar cohorts as a sign of discord in their alliance. 


Next came the individual immunity challenge, requiring the castaways to balance on a beam with a block on their heads. Joe, who up until this week had been undefeated in individual challenges, bowed out only halfway into the contest. It all came down to a two-way showdown between Jenn – who had promised to give the immunity idol to Joe if she won – and Tyler. After over a half hour on the balance beams, Jenn’s block fell as Tyler won immunity.

Tribal Council

After the immunity challenge, Mike devised the blue-collar alliance’s plan. He wanted to split the votes between Joe and Jenn in case Joe had a hidden immunity idol. Meanwhile, Joe, Jenn and Shirin were debating voting for Jenn themselves to protect Joe – since Jenn wanted to go home anyway. Then, to make things more complicated, Joe fashioned a fake hidden immunity idol – back home he makes jewelry – and offered to give it to Mike in exchange for the blue-collars voting for Jenn instead. Mike accepted the deal, but at the tribal council Jeff confirmed the idol to be a fake. Then Shirin ended up staying loyal to her new blue-collar alliance. So, when Jeff read the votes, Joe Anglim became the ninth person voted out of “Survivor: Worlds Apart.”

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