Episode 2 of "Survivor: Second Chance" was a case study in how quickly the game can change. Shirin and Spencer seemed to be firmly in control of the Ta Keo tribe, but one Abi meltdown later, Jeff saw an opportunity and turned the tribe against its former leaders, voting out Shirin and leaving Spencer more than a little nervous about his own standing. Could Spencer find a way to survive? 

Here's how it all went down in episode 3:


As Ta Keo got back to camp after tribal council, Spencer made a pledge to everyone that he wanted to play the rest of the game as a changed man and hoped he could be a part of greater tribe unity. The tribe seemed open to idea -- Terry, though, said Spencer was still at the bottom of the totem pole -- but it would be short lived.


As soon as the tribes got to what they thought would be a reward challenge, Jeff surprised them with a twist -- "Drop your buffs." The tribes were merging! Well, not exactly. Instead they were drawing straws to break into three new tribes. The new Bayon and Ta Keo tribes would return to their original camps, but the new tribe, Anghor, would have to build a new shelter.

Here were the new tribes:

Bayon: Monica, Jeremy, Stephen, Spencer, Kimmi, and Kelly.

Ta Keo: Keith, Kass, Joe, Ciera, Terry and Kelley

Anghor: Woo, Jeff, Peih-Gee, Abi, Tasha, and Andrew

A Brave New World

At the brand new Anghor tribe, Andrew and Tasha were immediately on the outs as the former Ta Keo foursome of Woo, Jeff, Peih-Gee and Abi vowed to stay together.

A similar situation was developing at the new-look Ta Keo tribe where Joe, Keith, Kass and Ciera seemed to have a majority over the former Ta Keo tribe's Terry and Kelly. However, Terry asserted that the tribe was perhaps so physically strong that they may never have to endure tribal council.

Meanwhile, at the new Bayon tribe it was another Bayon foursome of Monica, Jeremy, Stephen, and Kimmi outnumbering Spencer and Kelly. However, Spencer had a plan. He wanted to be more open and cheerful around his new tribe and he immediately struck up a friendship with Jeremy, confiding in the fireman that he had been reluctant back home to say that he loves his girlfriend. The moment was very strategic for Spencer, but regardless, the two seemed to genuinely hit it off. 

Back at Anghor, Tasha was selling Abi on breaking up the former Ta Keo foursome in exchange for a guarantee that she could bring them into the majority of former Bayon members. Tasha was making the same pitch to everyone and it was making Jeff nervous. 

At Bayon, Stephen noted how helpful a hidden immunity idol would be in preserving his alliance's majority. Monica, Jeremy, Stephen and Kimmi all went searching, but it was Jeremy who actually found the hidden gem. Just like with Kelley in the premiere, Jeremy found, not an idol, but a clue revealing that an idol would be hidden at the next challenge. 


With that, the tribes reconvened at the Immunity Challenge. The three tribes would have to navigate a rolling cart through an obstacle course (at one point requiring the tribes to break down and then reassemble their carts), grabbing keys to unlock chests to load onto the cart as they went through the course. At the end of the challenge they would have to use the pieces in the chests to assemble a giant puzzle. The tribes were neck and neck going into the puzzle, but in the end it was only Ta Keo and Bayon who won immunity. Anghor was headed to tribal council. 

That was not all of the drama, though. During the challenge, Jeremy secured the hidden immunity idol without anyone spotting him and, afterwards, Tasha spotted Jeff secretly communicating with someone from the other tribes. Knowing she might be on the chopping block, Tasha made sure her whole tribe knew what Jeff was doing, calling him a rat out loud. That did not bode well for Jeff heading into tribal council. 

Tribal Council

Andrew jumped at the chance to capitalize on Jeff's apparent lack of trustworthiness, but Andrew's scheming opened up a floodgate of drama. Abi was all too eager to get on the vote-Jeff-out bandwagon and made a show of telling Peih-Gee and Woo that she would be voting with Tasha and Andrew. That rubbed Peih-Gee the wrong way and soon the entire tribe had thrown out the old game plan and was debating between Abi and Peih-Gee as to who would go home next. 

At tribal council, Jeff's immunity challenge moment came up and revealed the split in the tribe. Jeff confessed that Andrew and Tasha had managed to get in the position of being the deciding votes despite being an apparent minority duo. The castaways started voting with everyone unclear who was headed home, but when the votes were tallied it was Peih-Gee who became the third person voted out of "Survivor: Second Chance."

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