Well, the three-tribe twist in episode 3 of "Survivor: Second Chance" caused a lot of chaos. Even though the brand-new Anghor tribe appeared to include an majority of former Ta Keo members, when the tribe ended up in tribal council, all bets were off -- thanks to a boneheaded move at the immunity challenge by Jeff and one of Abi's patented freakouts. In the end, Peih-Gee was sent packing, but would the tribe be able to come together in episode 4?


The episode begins back at camp, where Abi is yet again upset that she received votes at tribal council. Does she handle the situation calmly and maturely? Of course not. Instead, she lashes out at Woo and tells the cameras she would like to vote him out next. She also scolds Tasha for having a private conversation with Woo, even though they were talking about Jeff! Her paranoia is starting to irk the tribe. 

On the top of that, the tribe is withering from a lack of food and they worry about how they will fare in the next challenge. 

Meanwhile, Jeremy is pretending he did not find the hidden immunity idol in episode 3. He recruits Stephen to fruitlessly scour the island for it, hoping taking on the task together will convince Stephen to watch his back. 


The next day the tribes come together for the reward challenge. With a barbecue set on the line, the tribes have to select just one person to run into the water, grab a series of bags -- one at a time -- and bring them back to the beach, before using a foot catapult to launch the bags into a net on top of a tower. The first person to get three bags in their net wins a reward for their tribe.  

Bayon selects Jeremy, Ta Keo chooses Terry, and Anghor picks Andrew for the challenge. Terry gets out to an early lead, but as the castaways tire, Andrew rallies and takes the lead. With the challenge coming down to the last bag, Andrew wins for Anghor, while Terry comes in second for Ta Keo. Bayon, on the other hand, goes home empty-handed. The win is a much-needed morale boost for the starving Anghor tribe. 

Survivor Andrew (left), Jeremy (center) and Terry (right) compete in the reward challenge of "Survivor: Second Chance" episode 4. Photo: CBS

The Game Is On

At Ta Keo, Kass is hoping to make the most of her "Second Chance" and evolve her game in the hopes of going further than she did in her original season. For the self-proclaimed "Chaos Kass," that means being friendlier. After telling the cameras that she read "How to Win Friends and Influence People" before the season, she makes a birthday necklace for Kelley out of beads. Kelley, who does not trust Kass, thinks she is making a fake idol and is pleasantly surprised when Kass gives her the gift. Does Kelley see through Kass' gamesmanship? 

Over at Bayon, Spencer, worried he might be the next on the chopping block, is trying to turn everyone against Kelly, claiming she has strong alliances among the other tribes. Monica is not buying it. She thinks Spencer cannot be trusted.

Immunity Challenge

In the immunity challenge, one player from each tribe has to be the caller and guide the rest of their blindfolded tribe through a maze of giant puzzle pieces to collect their tribe's 15 pieces. When the tribes gather all of their pieces, they can take off their blindfolds and solve the puzzle. Jeff is the caller for Anghor, Kass is the caller for Ta Keo, and Kimmi is the caller for Bayon. 

The challenge is absolute confusion from the start. The castaways injure themselves left and right on the large, heavy pieces, and the callers have trouble being heard over all the yelling. Thanks to Joe singlehandedly collecting a bunch of heavy of pieces for Ta Keo, the tribe takes an early lead and gets to the puzzle first, but Bayon makes a comeback and finishes first to win immunity. It comes down to Ta Keo and Anghor to determine who will go to tribal council. Despite the morale (and barbeque) boost from their earlier reward challenge win, Anghor is exhausted from their lack of food and almost comes to a complete, collective stop while trying to solve their puzzle, allowing Ta Keo to finish first. For the second straight week, Anghor is headed to tribal council.

Tribal Council 

Anghor is depressed after losing the challenge but must face tribal council all the same. Jeff is worried it will be either him or Woo. Woo goes to Abi with a plan to vote out Jeff, but she has again decided to stick with the people who most recently treated her kindly. In this episode, that means Tasha and Andrew. However, Abi is hesitant to get on board with voting out Jeff. She wants to carry out a vendetta against Woo. Tasha is frustrated, and believes Jeff is the bigger threat, but is wary of sparking another Abi outburst.

The tribe heads to tribal with Abi still up in the air between Jeff and Woo, with Woo making the case that he can help the tribe in challenges. Jeff, though, does not have the dubious distinction of having voted for Abi twice. Jeff hammers that point home in tribal council. However, Tasha tries to help make a case for Woo. It's a tense standoff, with Jeff and Woo trading arguments as if it were a court case. In the end, the tribe apparently trusts Woo more, and Jeff Varner becomes the fourth person voted out of "Survivor: Second Chance."