Mike Holloway was crowned the winner of “Survivor: Worlds Apart” Wednesday during the long-running CBS reality show’s live finale, but that was not the only big announcement of the night. At the end of the post-finale cast reunion show, host Jeff Probst announced the 20 castaways who would be returning for “Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance.” The Season 31 roster was chosen by the fans, who voted from a list of 32 former players who fell short in their original seasons.

The 10 highest male and female vote getters nabbed the spots, but Wednesday’s finale shook up the potential cast. During the reunion show, Probst revealed that Mike Holloway had been in the male top 10 before winning Season 30 and becoming ineligible. Therefore, one of the other men vying for a spot in the Season 31 cast got very lucky last night.

As for the chosen players, the fans’ votes skewed towards recent seasons, with 11 of the 20 returning castaways coming from Seasons 27 through 30. Still, the early seasons did not go wholly unrepresented, with Season 1 runner-up Kelly Wiglesworth and Season 2’s Kimmi Kappenberg and Jeff Varner joining the “Second Chance” crew. From the current Season 30 cast, Shirin Oskooi and Joe Anglim both made the cut, while runner-up Carolyn Rivera and Max Dawson will have to wait for another shot.

See the cast of “Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance” below (in order of the players’ original season):

Season 1 – Borneo

Kelly Wiglesworth (37 years old) – Greensboro, N.C.

Season 2 – The Australian Outback

Kimmi Kappenberg (42) – The Woodlands, Texas

Jeff Varner (49) – Greensboro, N.C.

Season 7 – Pearl Islands

Andrew Savage (51) – San Jose, Calif.

Season 12 – Panama

Terry Deitz (55) – Simsbury, Conn.

Season 15 – China

Peih-Gee Law (37) – San Francisco

Season 18 – Tocantins

Stephen Fishbach (36) – New York

Season 19 – Samoa

Monica Padilla (31) – Queens, N.Y.

Season 25 – Philippines

Abi-Maria Gomes (35) – Los Angeles

Season 27 – Blood vs. Water

Vytas Baskauskas (35) – Santa Monica, Calif.

Ciera Eastin (26) – Salem, Ore.

Season 28 – Cagayan

Spencer Bledsoe (22) – Chicago

Tasha Fox (38) – St. Louis

Woo Hwang (31) – Newport Beach, Calif.

Kass McQuillen (42) – Tehachapi, Calif.

Season 29 – San Juan del Sur

Jeremy Collins (37) – Foxboro, Mass

Keith Nale (54) – Keithville, La.

Kelly Wentworth (28) – Seattle

Season 30 – Worlds Apart

Joe Anglim (26) – Scottsdale, Ariz.

Shirin Oskooi (32) – San Francisco

Watch Jeff Probst announce the “Second Chance” cast during the Season 30 finale Wednesday below:

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