There can only be one! Wednesday is the finale of “Survivor: Worlds Apart” and the power will shift to the jury – made up of Hali, Joe, Jenn, Shirin, Tyler, Dan, and two to be decided Wednesday – who must vote to determine the winner of the CBS show’s thirtieth Season. Mike, Carolyn, Sierra, Will and Rodney enter Wednesday’s episode with a chance to take home the million dollar prize and title of “Sole Survivor.” Who will it be?

Here are our rankings of the remaining castaways in order of their chances to win (from least likely to most likely):

5. Will Sims

It would be shocking if Will managed to convince the jury to name him this season’s winner. The California native was comically horrendous in challenges and not much better with his social game. His most infamous moment this season was his merciless evisceration of Shirin’s personal life. He has survived largely on the strength of his alliances and staying out of the way. He may end up riding coattails to the final three, but he will most likely not be receiving any votes.

4. Rodney Lavoie Jr.

Rodney has only a slightly better chance than Will. The blue-collar castaway made some notable moves – he was key to forming the six-person alliance that dominated the game the past few weeks – and was slightly stronger than Will in challenges. However, the Boston native was abrasive at camp and made way too many enemies on the jury to have a shot at winning.

3. Sierra Thomas

Sierra could end up being the beneficiary of some good luck. With the tribe gunning for the game’s two big threats – Mike and Carolyn – Sierra could end up in the final three next to Will and Rodney, where she would no doubt stand a great chance at taking home the million dollars. However, though she managed to maintain a relatively friendly relationship with almost every castaway, her coattails riding approach could end up counting against the rodeo girl.

2. Mike Holloway

If Mike makes it to the final three he should, and likely would, win the game. Though his heart-on-his-sleeve manner wore thin on the tribe, his bold moves and tenacity earned the oil driller much respect. His refusal to lose, finding hidden idols and winning multiple immunity challenges despite the target on his back, will make it easy for him to make a case for himself at the final tribal council. However, he will likely have to win two more immunity challenges to get there, considering the threat he poses to the other players. That’s quite a task!

1. Carolyn Rivera

With Mike’s difficult road to the final three, Mama C. is the favorite by default. Carolyn has called many of the shots for the majority alliance in the past few episodes, while still maintaining an under the radar presence. Though she has some enemies on the jury – and would have one more if Rodney, still angry about the reward challenges, was voted out – her game, especially her idol play in episode 12’s tribal council, has been impressive. If Mike is already gone, it may be just enough for the Tampa native to win it all.

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