Fans of  “Survivor” usually have to wait until the current season’s live reunion show to get details on the next season. However, the long-running CBS reality show aired a promo for Season 31 during Wednesday’s episode of “Worlds Apart,” unveiling a new twist in how the show will select the next cast. Unfortunately, the surprise announcement may have revealed some big-time spoilers about Season 30.

Season 31 of “Survivor” will be known as “Survivor: Second Chance” and bring together 20 former castaways from the previous seasons – dating all the way back to Season 1 in Borneo – to give them another opportunity to walk away as the winner. Furthermore, CBS will be leaving it to the show’s fans to pick the 20 players, allowing viewers at home to vote online and pick from a list of 30 potential candidates.

See the list of possible castaways for Season 31 below (arranged by their original season):

  • Season 1:Kelly Wiglesworth
  • Season 2: Varner, Kimmi Kappenberg
  • Season 3: Teresa “T-Bird” Cooper
  • Season 7: Savage
  • Season 12: Shane Powers, Terry Deitz
  • Season 15: Peih-Gee Law
  • Season 18: Fischbach
  • Season 19: Monica Padilla
  • Season 22: Natalie Tenerelli, Stephanie Valencia
  • Season 23: Jim Rice, Mikayla Wingle
  • Season 24: Troyzan Robertson, Sabrina Thompson
  • Season 25: Abi-Maria Gomes
  • Season 27: Vytas Baskauskas, Brad Culpepper, Ciera Eastin
  • Season 28: Woo Hwang, Spencer Bledsoe, Tasha Fox, Kass McQuillen
  • Season 29: Jeremy Collins, Keith Nale, Kelley Wentworth
  • Season 30: Joe Anglim, Shirin Oskooi, Max Dawson, Carolyn Rivera, Mike Holloway

Savvy fans may have noticed something a bit off in the list. The “Second Chance” season is designed to give non-winners another shot at the title of “Sole Survivor” and each possible player from Seasons 1 to 29 was voted off before reaching the end of the game. However, the list for Season 30 includes two names – Mike Holloway and Carolyn Rivera – who are still alive in the current season. Does that mean Mike and Carolyn are doomed for elimination before the final “Worlds Apart” tribal council?

Host Jeff Probst attempted to assure fans that the show had not given anything away prematurely.

“Oh my God, I didn’t even think of this! You’ve just caught me off guard,” Probst told Entertainment Weekly when asked about the potential spoilers. “As you would expect from Survivor, we found a way to add a little twist, a little layer of mystery, into the Second Chance voting. So the definition of Second Chance is, contestants who have only played once and never won. So, that means either Mike and Carolyn both lost, or one of them could be, ultimately, ineligible.”

Perhaps either Mike or Carolyn will win and will simply be ineligible if selected for “Survivor: Second Chance.” However, Probst’s surprise will not exactly reassure viewers that the show did not accidently tip its hand with the contestants list.

Fans will find out for sure when the cast of “Survivor” Season 31 is announced at the “Worlds Apart” live reunion show on May 20.