The live "Survivor: Second Chance" reunion special did not feature a bonus cash prize for the fan favorite player, as the CBS series has done in seasons past. If it had, the vote would have likely come down to two players -- Joe and Keith. However, while Joe's fan following was more ... intense ... viewers would be hard pressed to recall a more universally loveable castaway than Louisiana firefighter Keith Nale. Who does not like Keith? Certainly not anyone in this season's cast. So, when Keith got to Ponderosa after being voted out in the finale's second tribal council, he brought a welcome dose of positivity to the other ousted players.

That is the only thing Keith brought to Ponderosa. He was voted out with the fake immunity idol Kelley made for him in his pocket and his "Ponderosa" webisode reveals that he brought the decoy to jury retreat with him. Everyone at Ponderosa is curious about it, as Kelley had mouthed to Ciera that Keith had a hidden immunity idol during tribal council and the group is desperate to know if it is real. Keith eventually becomes unsure if it is real or not himself, though why Keith would have any reason to think it was real when Kelley told him what she was going to do is a mystery. As Keith eats some well deserved fried eggs, the jury members examine Kelley's handiwork and determine that it is fake. Kelly (Wiglesworth) correctly recognizes the medallion from a former tree mail delivery.

Keith, though, says he would never have played the idol if there was a chance it was fake.

"I would not have wanted to go out like that," he tells the cameras.

Watch Keith's "Ponderosa" webisode below:

Later, Joe gets to catch up with Keith and the "Survivor" "golden boy," as Keith calls Joe, has a present for the newest Ponderosa resident -- a Tuk Tuk shirt. Keith is delighted by the present, recalling one of the season's most popular moments, when he drove some of the castaways around in a Cambodia Tuk Tuk car on a reward trip. Afterwards, Joe gives Keith a haircut and a shave and fans will feel all warm and fuzzy listening to Keith tell Joe how he met his wife. 

Keith says his time on "Survivor" is done.

"I'm not going to say call me next year or anything stupid like that, but 'Survivor' has been good to me," he tells the cameras.

Although, fans would welcome him back if he changes his mind. "Survivor" will return to CBS on Feb. 17 with "Brains, Braun, and Beauty."