The Irish-born minister who officiated at Robin Williams’ marriage to third wife Susan Schneider said the actor’s death was like a “bolt of sadness.” The Rev. Peadar Dalton said he was “honored and privileged” to preside over the California nuptials for the comedian and Schneider in October 2011, according to The Independent

“My initial reaction was just a bolt of sadness went through my belly for the country," he said. “There’s no way in God’s earth that we can have any idea what happens to a person in this situation unless we have walked in their shoes or unless we are inside their heart and inside Robin’s feelings and heart.”

Williams wasn’t like the man he saw on television, Dalton said. “When he came in to my office (he was) quiet, very personal, friendly, expressing gratitude for me being available to meet with them." 

The comedy star was known to command a room and always appeared to be full of energy, but the reverend saw a softer side of the star when he married Schneider.

“(He was) very ordinary and down to earth and very involved with the preparation of the wedding ceremony, and very sensitive towards listening to Susan’s areas she wanted included in the wedding ceremony,” Dalton said. “Couldn’t be more gracious and couldn’t be more calm and just very appreciated and spoke about how much he loved visiting Ireland.”

The beloved comic was diagnosed with the early stages of Parkinson’s disease, his widow announced in a statement Thursday. There were rumors Williams’ addiction had gotten the best of him before his tragic suicide, but Schneider said his sobriety was “intact” at the time of his death.

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