Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt haven't seen each other in more than 30 years since leaving the cast of Three's Company. But the two finally reunited on Thursday's episode on Somer's online show, Suzanne Somers' Breaking Through.

The reunion was quite emotional as the two were seen hugging each other, holding hands and exchanging smiles.

Somers ended her role as sexy blonde Chrissy Snow reportedly amid salary disputes with the sitcom's producers. DeWitt played brunette Janet Wood until the show ended in 1984. Somers, 65, and DeWitt, 62, reportedly publicly fought for years after Somers left.

Somers told DeWitt that there has been ick in the air. The beautiful blonde also said that with all the therapy she has had in life she has found it important to see the part that she plays in her own drama of life.

When I came to Three's Company I had come from being a single mother. I needed money. I really needed money, Somers told DeWitt. I was so happy to get this job 'cause finally I was going to make some money.

Somers said all she could think about was the money to be made.

On the other hand, Somers said there was DeWitt, who came from UCLA, probably on a scholarship and studied acting. Somers said she felt she always never measured up.

You were plucked out by a talent scout, Somers said. So everybody is theater and I was there going 'I'm so happy to make some money.' ... I always saw this as a business venture in a group of serious actors. I probably p****d you all off and if I did, I am really sorry. I just really needed money at the time.

Somers then asked DeWitt why she said 'yes' to the show's invitation.

It's time, DeWitt said. I think that you gave me the opportunity to make sure that I walk my talk. For the last 30 odd years, whenever something about Three's Company comes up, I have relentlessly said that it is my opinion that the only reason Three's Company is worth remembering is that it created an opportunity for all of us to laugh together, to celebrate joy. It's a profound gift.

Watch the two talk about their time together on show: