The sweat lodge-using self-help guru who has been found guilty of three counts of negligent homicide will learn his sentence today, according to the Associated Press.

James Arthur Ray was originally charged with manslaughter in Arizona, but the charges were reduced. The charges stem from a 2009 incident in which three people died in a ceremony Ray performed.

Virginia Brown, the mother of one of the victims, said Ray's charisma led her to trust him.

I assumed, foolishly, that everything he said was true, she said to The Daily Courier of Prescott, Ariz. Maybe if I had been a little more skeptical, my daughter would be alive.

While prosecutors are encouraging the judge to sentence Ray to the maximum prison term, Ray's own lawyer has said he deserves to be put on probation.

He would be a model probationer, the attorney said, according to the Courier. He would comply with each and every order of the court.

Sweat lodges have become popular in the self help industry in recent years. According to travel writer Peter Greenberg, Ray's made $10 million the year before the deaths from his various enterprises, including sweat lodge ceremonies. When not performed properly, it is easy for participants to suffer from dehydration and heat exhaustion, Greenberg says.