SwiftKey, the new digital Android Keyboard app, has launched a third Beta version that eliminates the use of the spacebar on smartphones.

The new version is open to Swiftkey's VIP community and is currently being tested by some 30,000 members.

The smart keyboard has been heralded by users for the uncanny way it predicts words with such accuracy and precision. The app uses the phones typing history (Email, Facebook, Twitter) as well as its own dictionary to predict the words on the screens.

The new Smart Space tool detects typos and deletes extra spaces, while adding in spaces between words. It even guesses the next word you are about to type and suggests it before you key it in. The new version of the app also comes with a punctuation key that adapts punctuality according to 42 languages in its system.

SwiftKey 3 also comes with aesthetic changes such as the Cobalt and Holo themes, which is cohesive with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The keyboard app has had positive reviews for its first two versions. SwiftKey's CEO John Reynolds, told CNET that there is already a 20 percent conversion rate.

Many people try the 30-day free- trail and then convert to the $ 3.99 paid version of the app after getting used to it; although most people have criticized that the price is too expensive. Those prices are too much and yet too little. Too much, because, who wants to pay for a keyboard when there's already a perfectly functional keyboard (or two) included with your device? It takes a fun experiment (maybe I'll try this keyboard!) and turns it into a grudge purchase, said CNET's Rafe Needleman.

According to Reynolds, being a non-nuance provider is a safe spot to be in. Manufacturers don't like having just one supplier. Prices go up, innovation goes down. So, he believes, they want to keep SwiftKey alive, he told CNET

SwiftKey 3 will roll out to VIP community members this week at http://vip.swiftkey.net/ . Users will then be asked to give their opinions on the product, which will be considered before the final release of the product.