After turning to porn, Anthony Weiner sexting partner Sydney Elaine Leathers has parlayed her fame into a new business opportunity.

Leathers signed a six-figure endorsement deal with iHookup, an online dating website catering to those looking for no-strings-attached relationships (we’re not your mom and we’ll never ask you when you’re going to find a nice boy or girl to settle down with,” iHookup’s About Us section states.)

Leathers will be the face of iHookup’s mobile app and is expected to chat with users and make a profile on the site, TMZ exclusively reported.

According to an iHookup spokesperson, Leathers is the ideal face of the website.

iHookup is “all about that instant gratification and hooking up with the right person at the right time. Sydney seems to have that nailed down!" the spokesperson told TMZ.

Leathers sparked Weiner’s second sexting scandal when she provided exchanges of explicit online chats between her and the New York City mayoral candidate to The Dirty last month. Weiner has not let the scandal get in the way of his bid for mayor, although the embarrassing details led the former congressman to slide in the polls.

News of Leathers’ upcoming work for iHookup comes on the heels of the 23-year-old Indiana native’s nude porn shoot for Vivid Entertainment titled “Weinergate.”

Here’s the porn’s intro on the Vivid website (WARNING NSFW):

“I'm Sydney Leathers. Anthony Weiner and I had a ‘sexting’ relationship for several months, and that came out in the press, so here I am! We had phone sex several times a week while this was going on. We did send each other pictures. They were pretty much all nude. He would always compliment me on my breasts, and my a--. He would tell me stuff about my feet, and how good I looked in heels. I responded back and basically told him anything I thought he wanted to hear. Here's my fully nude video. Check it out.”