Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Mobile USA has joined Samsung's side in fighting a lawsuit by Apple to stop the sale Samsung telephones, saying that their fight could hurt carrier business.

The timing of such an injunction on two popular consumer products that will help anchor its 2011 holiday sales would unnecessarily harm T-Mobile and thousands of U.S. consumers, the company said in the filing, according to Bloomberg.

Earlier this summer, Apple filed for a preliminary injunction in U.S. courts against Samsung's 4G devices-notably the Galaxy S 4G, Infuse 4G and Droid Charge smartphones, along with the Galaxy Tablet 10.1. Apple has contended that Samsung has infringed on a number of patents, saying that the screen, handset design and packaging closely mirrors Apple's iPhones.

T-Mobile joins Verizon Wireless, who has also taken Samsung's side in the fight Apple arguing that Samsung has the 4G technology that customer seek.

The investment depends on consumers having access to devices that can make use of that network, Verizon Wireless said in the filing. The accused Samsung devices are among the few products that can access Verizon Wireless's next-generation high speed network.

...It takes considerable time and effort to develop any 4G product-normally, much longer than a year. Any requirement that Samsung redesign its products in light of an injunction may cause long delays before the redesigned 4G devices are available to consumers.

Verizon Wireless began selling the iPhone in February. T-Mobile does not currently carry the phone, and the company announced that they do not intend to do so, at least within the next year. However, with a merger between AT&T and T-Mobile USA on the table, the carrier could end up selling the iPhone once the potential transaction is complete.

Samsung has countersued Apple, claiming that their iPad, iPod and iPhone were infringing on Samsung patents.

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