A Brooklyn mother of two who had her hands and feet amputated as a result of a hospital's negligence has won a $17.9 million settlement from the hospital and the city. The woman, 35-year-old Tabitha Mullings, will receive $9.4 million from Brooklyn Hospital Center and $8.5 million from the city after a three-year legal battle, according to the NY Daily News

In September 2008, Mullings went to the Brooklyn Hospital Center emergency room. The doctor on duty diagnosed her with a kidney stone and sent her home with a prescription for painkillers. 

However, the next day Mullings experienced unbearable pain and numbness and proceeded to dial 911 for help but after calling twice, the FDNY medics still did not take her to the hospital. Mulling's fiancé rushed her to the Fort Greene Hospital the following day, but she had already developed a sepsis infection that had spread throughout her body. Mullings fell into a coma during which gangrene spread to her extremities. When she eventually woke up, she had lost her hands, her feet as well as vision in one eye. 

She filed a law suit while she was recovering in the hospital and has been preoccupied with a legal battle since. Although Brooklyn Hospital maintains that its doctors did nothing wrong, the hospital decided to settle because a jury would likely feel sympathetic for her situation. The city followed suit. 

Although the legal battle is now behind her, Mullings will still have to fight to live a normal life. The reality is, I'm going to be like this the rest of my life. I'm always going to have to have help to do everything, using the bathroom, using a toothbrush. I can't do anything on my own, she told the NY Daily News.

Now that the lawsuit is behind me, I look forward to going on with my life and caring for my children the best I can, she said.