Update as of 4:50 a.m. EST: A suicide bomber who detonated a car filled with explosives in Kabul blew up a vehicle belonging to NATO’s top envoy in the country, Reuters reported, citing Turkish officials. The attack was reportedly conducted on the vehicle of “the security team of Turkish envoy Ismail Aramaz,” the Turkish military said in a statement, according to Reuters. The attack killed a Turkish soldier and injured at least one person, the report added.


A suicide bomber detonated a car loaded with explosives near the Iranian embassy in Kabul, according to reports Thursday. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, in which at least one person was killed.

"The target was a Turkish Embassy vehicle. One person is wounded and the driver possibly killed," Mohammad Ayub Salangi, Afghanistan's deputy interior minister, said according to The Associated Press. However, a Taliban spokesman claimed on Twitter, according to Reuters, that the attack was targeted at a convoy of U.S. troops, and that "the embassy or any other country nationals were not objective."

The attack comes a day after the U.S. embassy in Afghanistan issued a warning stating that militant organizations had planned attacks against unspecified targets in the country.

“As of late February 2015, militants planned to conduct multiple imminent attacks against an unspecified target or targets in Kabul City, Afghanistan. There was no further information regarding the timing, target, location, or method of any planned attacks,” the U.S. Embassy in Kabul said, in a statement, on Wednesday.

The latest attack, which took place near the German, Iranian and Turkish embassies, rattled the buildings' windows, and put the staff on high alert, Reuters reported. In November, a British embassy vehicle was hit by the Taliban in an attack that killed at least five people, including a British national.