Taliban insurgents in Wardak province warned that more foreign troops will mean more casualties for families back home.

Obama is sending more troops to Afghanistan and that means more Americans will die, an unidentified member of its council told BBC.

 With just a handful of resources we can cause even more casualties and deaths. If they increase it again, we'll increase their casualties too. And we're ready for it.

We haven't killed civilians but the Americans have. I want to say to the mothers of foreign soldiers, if you love your sons then keep them at home to work for the good of your own country, the Taliban member said.

My message to Obama, to the mothers and sisters, is to ask their sons and brothers to leave Afghanistan. If they don't then with one call of Allahu Akbar they will be destroyed. he said.

President Barack Obama announced Tuesday the U.S. will send 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan to fight against the Taliban insurgents in order to allow U.S. soldiers to start pulling out by the summer of 2011.

Many of Obama's fellow Democrats have voiced doubt about escalating the costly conflict, while Republicans have complained that the drawdown date ties the military's hands.